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Twin Fawns

Well, I believe they’re twins: very close to each other in size, and one mama with them only. I had seen them before, but too short only and too far away to really get them on camera. Today, though, I … Continue reading


First Video This Year of a Fawn

Well, we kept hoping it was going to happen, and today there was the happy moment: I was able to capture a fawn and his mama on video! Of course, I don’t know which one it was. Perhaps neither of … Continue reading


Largest Deer Herd So Far

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Yesterday afternoon we had the largest herd of white-tailed deer in our yard so far. This pictures shows 19, if I counted correctly, and we had more on other parts of the property, including two bucks. So I guess we … Continue reading


More Deer Videos

With the deer and their fawns being here in our garden every day, I’ve taken quite a few videos recently, which I’d like to share here. Mehr Rehvideos Da die Rehe und ihre Kitze nun jeden Tag hier in unserem … Continue reading


Deer Or Kangaroos?

Sometime, “our” deer envy each other their food, and then they fight, even on their hind legs and pawing at each other. The they look more like kangaroos than like deer.

Rehe oder Kängurus?

Manchmal neiden “unsere” Rehe sich gegenseitig ihr Futter, und dann kämpfen sie, sogar aufgerichet auf ihren Hinterbeinen, und boxen aufeinander ein. Dann sehen sie eher wie Kängurus aus als wie Rehe.


Deer Fighting for Food


Fawn Frolicking in Our Backyard

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It’s been a while, actually close to a month, since we saw our first fawn of the year here around the house. At that time it was a very young one. It was only yesterday that we had some more. … Continue reading


Deer Having Their Siesta

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Quite frequently recently the white-tailed deer have been having their siesta in our garden: Rehe halten ihre Siesta Ziemlich häufig in der letzten Zeit haben die Weißwedelhirsche ihre Siesta in unserem Garten gehalten: Here are some more pictures: Hier sind … Continue reading


Are They Twins?

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I simply can’t get enough of the pictures of the fawns in our garden: Sind sie Zwillinge? Ich kann einfach nicht genug bekommen von den Bildern der Rehkitze in unserem Garten:


Bambi & Mama in the Garden

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This evening we had a fawn and its mama in the garden. Well, actually it was our neighbour’s garden, but very close to ours anyway. Here’s some pictures and a movie. The quality of both is not too good as … Continue reading


Deer in the Garden [2]

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A few days ago we had quite a magnificent buck in the garden: Rotwild im Garten [2] Vor ein paar Tagen hatten wir einen prächtigen Rehbock im Garten: The video I took of him is somewhat shaky, I’m afraid, but … Continue reading