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Something’s Itching

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I saw this white-tailed deer buck with his pretty antlers a few days ago in our backyard. I don’t know if I’ve seen him before. We certainly have a fluctuating population of bucks this autumn. Es juckt Diesen Weißwedelhirschbock mit … Continue reading


There’s a Unicorn in the Garden

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No, that’s not a Thurberesque [cf. James Thurber’s short story “The Unicorn in the Garden”] way of trying to get the wife into the booby hatch, and I should possibly rather have spoken of a “Unihorn”. Well, the long and … Continue reading


Mature Buck

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It looks like the rut(ting-season) of the white-tailed deer has just started or is about to begin [usually it is in late October and/or early November] since a mature buck has made his appearance again lately, as in the years … Continue reading


Surprise in the Morning

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Well, actually I should no longer be surprised to discover fawns in our backyard, shouldn’t I? But still, when at some time this morning I looked out of our patio doors, I saw something lying in the grass of which … Continue reading


1 1/2 Hours in 20 Seconds

My first time-lapse video of the deer in our garden: this afternoon I tried to do this, a time-lapse video, for the first time. It was taken between 5PM and 6:30PM, part of it with the deer being fed. Not … Continue reading


Meanwhile in the Back Yard

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Tonight we had a total of 6 fawns in the garden. I could not get all of them into one picture, though. Neither in the stills I took nor in the video. Here there are 4, to begin with: Zwischenzeitlich … Continue reading


Precious Moments: Fawns, (Adult) Deer and a Wild Turkey in Our Back Yard

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While we were gone on our “RailTrailsRoadTrip” [more about that here at a later time], we really missed the “zoo”, especially the fawns that we know would be born, in our yard. So, after our return, we were happy to … Continue reading


First Fawn in 2018

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Just a few minutes ago we got a glimpse of a fawn – the first this year. Very likely our neighbour [some others had alerted her to that fawn on her lawn and had wanted to try and get it … Continue reading


Lately in the garden I was thinking: Why can’t the deer eat the dry grass or hay, respectively? Instead, they eat young shoots of the plants we like. Why can’t our armadillo eat the fire ants? There are zillions of … Continue reading


They’re Not Fighting … Yet

For the last few days I have seen two bucks in out back yard, (still) grazing amiably side by side. So, I conclude, they’re not (yet) in rut as I assume they would fight each other then. Once in a … Continue reading