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Weather Antics

It was just two nights ago that we had the A/C on, to cool our bedrooms, but yesterday it was time for a cozy fire in the fireplace in our living-room, and in two more days it will be 85 … Continue reading


As If 100 Degrees Weren’t Enough

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Today I had the firepit going even with an outside temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit because I needed to burn wood that had become infected with oak wilt. Our Oakwilt Specialists of Texas people had told me, when they came … Continue reading


Oh What Fun …

… it is to drive a car in temperatures of up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit without A/C,! In addition to that, our route took us nearly straight south, so that the sun shining directly onto the windshield created a veritable … Continue reading


Yesterday I had the air-conditioning on, and today it’s the central heating I have on! Wetter!!! Gestern war es noch die Klimaanlage, die ich an hatte, und heute ist es schon wieder die Heizung!


… 61 Fahrenheit this morning at 07:30 = wonderfully refreshing. Es sind kuehle … 16 Grad Celsius heute Morgen um 7:30 = wunderbar erfrischend.  

Oooops – Again My Maths Were Incorrect

I’ve just realized that in my last posting I got it wrong: 85 degrees Fahrenheit are NOT 39 degrees Celsius but only 29! Sorry.

Oooops – Meine Rechnerei war mal wieder falsch

Gerade habe ich realisiert, dass ich die Umrechnung mal wieder falsch hinbekommen habe: 85 Grad Fahrenheit sind NICHT 39 sondern nur 29 Grad Celsius. Sorry!