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Back from my Very Personal Rodeo, …

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… aka mowing the lawn Zurück von meinem ganz persönlichen Rodeo, … … auch bekannt als Rasenmähen It certainly, with our very uneven lawn with all its bumps, resembles riding a bull or a bronco at the rodeo. Well, I … Continue reading


More News from the “Garden Front”

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Lately, I got myself another gardening tool – or gardening toy, as some who know me might say: a lawn sweeper: Mehr Nachrichten von der “Gartenfront” Neulich habe ich ein weiteres Gartenwerkzeug – oder “Gartenspielzeug”, wie die, die mich besser … Continue reading


My New Toy

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Yesterday I got it: a new lawn tractor. Mein neues Spielzeug Gestern habe ich mein neues Spielzeug becommen: einen neuen Rasenmäher. Our old one, which we got in 2007, was getting more and more prone to repairs, and lately its … Continue reading


John Deere Spare Parts …

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… are quite expensive. I needed a new valve for our 25-gallon portable sprayer, and was quite surprised to learn that this small plastic item, just about 2 inches long and, with the exception of a screw, completely made of … Continue reading


Spring Time – Garden Time

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With the warmer weather we were having lately, all things green have really started to grow, and thus garden work has been on the agenda for the last week and a half, starting with the planting of the Bradford Pears … Continue reading