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Happy Fourth of July

happy 4th


Fourth of July – the Texas Way

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A Happy Fourth of July to everbody and God Bless America!


Independence Day Weekend BBQ

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For this weekend we had family here and had planned to have BBQ on Sunday and Monday. First a few pictures from the preparations on Sunday: Grillvergnügen am Unabhängigkeitstagswochenende An diesem, dem Wochenende des Unabhängigkeitstags [4 July] hatten wir Verwandte … Continue reading


The Beginning, the Middle(s), and the End – Videos of the 4th of July Parade in Fredericksburg/TX

Last year I took quite a few pictures of the Independence Day Parade here in Fredericksburg, but this year I decided to take my camcorder. Here are some of the videos I took: Der Anfang, die Mitte(n) und das Ende … Continue reading


Fourth of July – Fredericksburg Style

As we have here in Fredericksburg, the birthtown of Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, the National Museum of the Pacific War, their presence in the Independence Day parade is a given:

Unabhaengigkeitstag – im Fredericksburger Stil

Da wir hier in Fredericksburg, dem Geburtsort von Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, das National Museum of the Pacific War haben, durfte dieses bei der Parade natuerlich nicht fehlen:

WWII Truck at Independence Day Parade

WWII Truck at Independence Day Parade

WWII Half Track

A WWII Half Track and a Weary Grunt