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New Garden Shed

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Yesterday the final touches were added to our new garden shed: the ridge shingles and a weather vane, and that’s what it looks like now: Neues Gartenhäuschen Gestern sind die letzten Kleinigkeiten an unserem neuen Gartenhäuschen erledigt worden, und so … Continue reading


New Garage – Day 5 [Videos]

Now here are the videos. The second one is fairly long [7 minutes], so it might take a while to upload. Neue Garage – Tag 5 [Videos] Hier nun die Videos. Das zweite ist relativ lang [7 Minutes]. Es kann … Continue reading


New Garage – Day 5 [Pictures]

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Today was a big day, with much work at the new garage, as the concrete for the foundations, the slab and the flatwork were poured. And work started early: the crew arrived at 7 in the morning, and soon after … Continue reading


New Garage – Day 4

This gallery contains 6 photos.

On Friday, work at the new garage continued, and the rebar was put on top of the dirt – after a plastic sheet had been spread as a means to block moisture from creeping up into the concrete slab. Neue … Continue reading


New Garage – Day 3

I’m a little late in postting the progress of our new garage, but here it finally is. It’s just one picture anyway. Last Thursday the dirt was spread, and this is what the foundations looked like after that:

Neue Garage – Tag 3

Ich bin etwas spaet dran mit der Berichterstattung ueber den Fortschritt beim Bau unserer neuen Garage, aber hier geht’s nun weiter. Es ist ohnehin nur ein einziges Bild. Letzten Donnerstag wurde das Fuellmaterial verteilt, und so sieht es nun aus:

The Foundations - with Dirt Spread

The Foundations – with Dirt Spread