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Beneficial Summer Rain

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Yesterday, in the afternoon, we had a thunderstorm here for about 2 hours – not bad at all, but, on the contrary, with a wonderfully beneficial rain [we had 1.1 inches], that even made – true to its name – … Continue reading


Beneficial Rain

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Last night we had, as we have had quite a few times during the last few days (and nights), some really beneficial rain. Our raingauge showed 1.4 inches, and that’s still well in the “beneficial” range. We were really lucky, … Continue reading


Limb Amputation

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Well, not me!  😉  It was one of our oak trees that had to have two branches removed. When our Oak Wilt Specialists came by this Monday to check on the state of our oaks, they found some hypoxylon canker … Continue reading


More New House and Garden [3]

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Now, let’s walk around the house some, and start with a view from the bank of the creek near the road. Basically, we’ll be starting in the far northeast corner and then walk around the house clockwise. Mehr vom neuen … Continue reading


Mowing the Lawn …

… takes quite some time here as I found out today. It took me close to three hours, and even so I didn’t do all the grass. Well, the property is 3.5 acres, and a lot of it is covered … Continue reading