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My Mornings’ Motto

When I found these sockies, I immediately thought that they were truly expressing what I feel every morning:

Mein Morgenmotto

Als ich diese Socken sah, da dachte ich sofort, dass sie wahrhaftig aussagen, was ich jeden Morgen fühle:


Yep, That’s Me!


Meanwhile Inside the House – Got Myself Beer Glasses and a Coffee Maker

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In the last few days I got myself a few new items: two beer glasses and a coffee maker. In der Zwischenzeit drinnen im Haus – Biergläser und Kaffeemaschine gekauft In den vergangenen Tagen habe ich mir ein paar neue … Continue reading


A Few Days in Port Aransas

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It’s been a while ago already that we were there [actually it was from August 15 to 19], to kind of “pre-celebrate” our 7th wedding anniversary[I posted about it here and here], but it’s only now that I’m posting a … Continue reading


Bean Me Up

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That’s what I’m asking for every morning – and a few times during the day – as I am, as we say in German, “eine alte Kaffenase” [“an old coffee nose”]. Rumour has it that I used to  get my … Continue reading


Belatedly …

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… my birthday present finally arrived the day before yesterday: coffee from Costa Rica.  🙂 Mary had bought that while on her trip to Costa Rica lately and had it shipped here. What a wonderful present for an “old coffee … Continue reading