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Throwback Thursday

This article was first published in my blog “Pit’s Musings and Ramblings from a Big Country: Mein persönliches Blog mit ‘Updates aus Texas‘” on Saturday, July 14, 2010. Donnerstägliche Retrospektive Diesen Artikel habe ich ursprünglich in meinem Blog “Pit’s Musings … Continue reading


Long Time no BBQ

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Much too long a time, actually. Thus yesterday I did some grilling and smoking again, even if it was hot, hot, hot. Talking of “hot”: isn’t the last line in that screenshot here [which I took this morning] something to … Continue reading


BBQ Season Opened – Finally

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It was only yesterday that we opened our own barbeque season. Actually, it was with smoking pork chops that we started our season. We had been thinking of it for quite a while, and we had had the pork chops … Continue reading


Labour-Day BBQ Fest

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We had not used our bbq pit for quite some time, and so we decided to put some good steaks on it today, especially as we had some prime meat, given to us from our cousin who raises the cattle … Continue reading


Easter Barbeque

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In the strict sense, it wasn’t barbequing but smoking, which, however, doesn’t matter at all here. After we had opened the bbq season more than a week ago with a wonderful rib-eye, we had found our appetite and decided to … Continue reading


Easter BBQ Preparations

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After our first BBQ of the year the day before yesterday, which was such a success and produced an ever so yummy steak, we decided to do (a lot) more bbq-ing on the Eastern weekend. So I started the preparations … Continue reading


BBQ Season Opened

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Today, we started the bbq-season: Grillsaison eröffnet Heute haben wir die Grillsaison angefangen: The finished product: mouth-watering, isn’t it? Das “Endprodukt”: da läuft Einem das Wasser im Munde zusammen, oder? And as it was such a success, we decided to … Continue reading


La Tequila Jalisco

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On Wednesday, Mary had just come back from China and we didn’t want to cook ourselves, we tried a relatively new Mexican restaurant here in Fredericksburg, the La Tequila Jalisco. You’re right: this time it wasn’t to be “real” Texan, … Continue reading


SolarEclipseRoadTrip – Day 11 [From Enid/OK back Home to Fredericksburg/TX]

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017: All good things (must) come to an end – eventually – and so this ist he last day now of our SolarEclipseRoadTrip. Once again I woke up without an alarm, at 6:05AM, while Mary slept on … Continue reading


Pre-Labor-Day BBQ

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We didn’t do our Labor Day Barbeque today, but kind of anticipated Labor Day and did it yesterday. This time we had bought quite a lot of meat so that it would be worth while breaking out the bbq pit. … Continue reading