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Pre-Labor-Day BBQ

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We didn’t do our Labor Day Barbeque today, but kind of anticipated Labor Day and did it yesterday. This time we had bought quite a lot of meat so that it would be worth while breaking out the bbq pit. … Continue reading


SolarEclipseRoadTrip – Update [Back Home Safe and Sound]

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As it might be a few days before I have the time to really start blogging about this trip, I just want to post a short note here that we’re back home in Fritztown safe and sound. And here’s the … Continue reading


Superbowl Preparations

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What is Superbowl Sunday without a good BBQ?! Absolutely unthinkable, especially here in Texas. Superbowl Vorbereitungen Was ist ein Superbowl Sonntag ohne Barbeque?! Absolut undenkbar, ganz besonders hier in Texas. That is why I got the grill/smoker out, and did … Continue reading


Wedding Anniversary Dinner

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Yesterday, on our anniversary, our most-liked restaurant here in Fredericksburg, the Cabernet Grill, was closed, unfortunately. So we decided to do something quite different than that posh restaurant: we went to Cooper’s in Llano, to an archetypically Texan “barbeque joint”. … Continue reading


Best Kasseler Ever …

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… or very nearly so was the Kasseler we had yesterday, from the pork chops I had smoked on Saturday. I might have had equally good or even slightly better Kasseler in Germany, but definitely nowhere here in the US, … Continue reading


A Whole Day of BBQ-ing Pleasure

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Well, not 24 hours, but – preparations included – it was more than 9 hours, from before 10 AM till after 7 PM, but still it was pleasure and not work, since most of the time it was just watching … Continue reading


More BBQ-Fun – Continued

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After we had done the chicken on our BBQ pit on Friday afternoon/evening, we decided to try steaks [1 prime New Tork Strip and 1 prime Ribeye] yesterday. Let’s start with some self-crticism: they didn’t turn out exactly as I … Continue reading


More BBQ-Fun

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Since it had been a while without BBQ [the last one we had was on Independence Day], we decided to break our BBQ pit out again yesterday and have some chicken and veggies. Let me start with the finished product: … Continue reading


Independence Day Weekend BBQ

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For this weekend we had family here and had planned to have BBQ on Sunday and Monday. First a few pictures from the preparations on Sunday: Grillvergnügen am Unabhängigkeitstagswochenende An diesem, dem Wochenende des Unabhängigkeitstags [4 July] hatten wir Verwandte … Continue reading



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Last weekend’s first attempts at barbeque went well: everything turned out not only just edible but tasty. I’m quite happy with what I did. Erfolg Meine ersten Gehversuche am vergangenen  Wochenende mit Grillen sind prima verlaufen: Alles war nicht einfach … Continue reading