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The First Fire of Winter 2018/19 in Our Fireplace

It’s getting colder, and today was kind of a miserable autumn day, overcast and with drizzling rain. Though not really cold yet, it was nevertheless a good day to start our first fire of this winter in the fireplace in … Continue reading


Garden Miscellanea

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On Friday, I tried out “my new toy“, our new lawn tractor, and I was quite happy with it. It runs smoother and faster than the old one [though, with it being faster, I have to hold onto it even … Continue reading


Autumn Certainly Has Arrived, …

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… even if, at 81 Fahrenheit this afternoon, it didn’t exactly feel like it. But the trees in our garden do show it: Der Herbst ist mit Sicherheit eingetroffen, … … auch wenn, mit 27 Grad heute Nachmittag, es sich … Continue reading


Morning Views of the Garden

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It was/is a gorgeous early autumn morning today. So I decided to take a few pictures and just publish them here, as a gallery, without further comment. Enjoy! Morgenansichten des Gartens Es war/ist ein prachtvoller Frühherbstmorgen heute. Da bin ich … Continue reading


Steaming Lawn

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This morning, as on other mornings lately, we had a kind of a “steaming lawn” where the sun was shining on the frosted grass. It simply looked gorgeous and the pictures don’t really do the atmosphere justice. Dampfender Rasen Heute … Continue reading