… und gebar ein Mäuslein, wie man so sagt. Für die vergangene Nacht hatte es eine Unwetterwarnung für einen großen Teil von Texas, Hill Country eingeschlossen, mit möglichen starken Tornados ebenso wie Hagel mit großem Durchmesser, und was war? – Wir haben gerade mal ein paar Tropfen Regen davon gehabt. Nicht, dass ich mir wirklich Tornados und Hagel gewünscht hätte, natürlich nicht, aber ein wenig, vielleicht sogar ein guter, Regen wäre nun doch hochwillkommen gewesen bei unserer anhaltenden Dürre [seit Ende Januar hatten wir ganz 8 Liter/Quadratmeter am Haus] hier. Aber so war es in der letzten Zeit schon häufiger: der Wetterbericht verspricht uns (viel) Regen, und dann verläuft das im Sande.

The Mountain Went into Labour …

… and delivered a mouse. as the saying goes. There was a severe weather warning out last night for much of Texas, the Hill Country included, with strong tornadoes and large hail possible, and what happened? – We got a few drops of rain out of it! Not that I really wanted tornadoes and hail, of course not, but some, maybe even good, precipitation would have been more than welcome here on our extremely dry conditions [since the end of January we had a mere 0.32 inches here at the house]. That has been happening very often lately: we get a promising weather forecast with (much) rain, and then it just fizzles out.


Dinner at Otto’s

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As I wrote before, it was 21 years ago this week’s Tuesday that Mary and I first met, and we celebrated that with an exquisite dinner at Otto’s, a small but fine restaurant here in Fredericksburg. Abendessen bei Otto’s Wie … Continue reading


Ash Wednesday – the American Way

Two days ago, with the beginning of Lent,  it was Ash Wednesday, the day when traditionally many Christians go to their respective churches to get a cross made of the ashes of palm leaves painted on their foreheads as s … Continue reading


21 Years ago Yesterday …

… was the day Mary and I had our first contact, in an exchange of emails. At that time she was teaching 7-graders in keyboarding and computer technology at Karnes City Junior High and I was teaching English to – … Continue reading


What I Miss Most from Germany …

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… are the breadrolls and the cold cuts … Was ich aus Deutschland am meisten vermisse … … sind die Brötchen und der Aufschnitt … … and the “Teilchen” [Sweetrolls]: … und die Teilchen: The day after I had arrived … Continue reading


He who goes a-travellin’ …

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… will have something to narrate – as the old German saying goes. And once Pit, this old blabbermouth, has started rambling, this “something” soon grows into a novel. Well, not quite, but maybe half a novel or at least … Continue reading


I’m back!

And, as you’ll see from my next posting here, with a vengeance. Ich bin zurück! Und, wie Ihr aus meinem nächsten Beitrag hier ersehen werdet, mit aller Macht! I have been absent from the blogging sphere for a long time, … Continue reading


Merry (Texas) Christmas, Y’alls

This year I’ve decided to do it a little different from the previous years and not do a picture and a Christmas greeting of my own, but have the band Asleep at the Wheel with their upbeat song wish you … Continue reading


An Evening out in San Antonio

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Last Monday, we decided to drive to San Antonio for a nice supper and a walk along the festively illuminated River Walk, and it was a fantasic experience. Ein Abendausgang in San Antonio Am vergangenen Montag waren wir für ein … Continue reading


The Lighting of the Christmas Tree …

… at the LBJ State Park and Historical Site That, i.e. the 49th annual of the Johnson family tradition, started by the president and Mrs. Johnson in 1971, is what we went to attend last Sunday. Das Anzünden des Weihnachtsbaums … Continue reading