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Long Time no BBQ

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Much too long a time, actually. Thus yesterday I did some grilling and smoking again, even if it was hot, hot, hot. Talking of “hot”: isn’t the last line in that screenshot here [which I took this morning] something to … Continue reading


Another Downpour and Thunderstorm

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On Friday, there was another quite violent thunderstorm with a heavy downpour, and this time I went out when it had lessened soe but was still raining and thundering, to take picture and videos. Noch ein Wolkenbruch und Gewitter Am … Continue reading


Memorial Day 2020 – Downpour and Thunderstorm

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During the night, we had quite a severe thunderstorm with very high winds, and that brought down quite a big limb of one of our Mesquite trees: Memorial Day 2020 – Wolkenbruch und Unwetter In der Nacht hatten wir ein … Continue reading


One Year Ago Today

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This is what our garden looks like on May 8, 2019: Heute vor einem Jahr So sah es in unserem Garten am 8. Mai 2019 aus: For more pictures , check this out: Another Downpour. Für weitere Bilder schaut mal … Continue reading


Weather Antics

It was just two nights ago that we had the A/C on, to cool our bedrooms, but yesterday it was time for a cozy fire in the fireplace in our living-room, and in two more days it will be 85 … Continue reading


A New Beginning

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I’m finally continuing my blogging. My blog pause has been long enough, hasn’t it? Well, it definitely hasn’t been “creative” as I really didn’t create anything, but it certainly has been relaxing, with much reading. I enjoyed that break a … Continue reading


As If 100 Degrees Weren’t Enough

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Today I had the firepit going even with an outside temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit because I needed to burn wood that had become infected with oak wilt. Our Oakwilt Specialists of Texas people had told me, when they came … Continue reading


Oh What Fun …

… it is to drive a car in temperatures of up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit without A/C,! In addition to that, our route took us nearly straight south, so that the sun shining directly onto the windshield created a veritable … Continue reading

Texas Temperatures …

… are here again. After it’s now yet been (really) hot hereabouts, we have our first taste of “real” Texas temperatures today. The data for just now:

  • actual temperature [at 3PM]: 96 degrees Fahrenheit
  • feels like: 110 degrees Fahrenheit
  • dew point: 74 degrees Fahrenheit
  • humidity: 55%

The humidity doesn’t look like much, but as warmer air can hold more moisture, it really feels sultry. A somewhat better yardstick is the dew point. Anything above 60 degreesFahrenheit makes you feel uncomfortable. So, with the dew point at 74 degrees Fahrenheit, it is really, really uncomfortable.

Texanische Temperaturen …

… sind wieder da. Nachdem es bisher noch nicht richtig heiß war, haben wir heute unseren ersten Vorgeschmack auf “echt” texanische Temperaturen bekommen. Die Daten für heute:

  • aktuelle Temperatur [um 15 Uhr]: 35,5 Grad Celsius
  • gefühlte Temperatur: 43,3 Grad Celsius
  • Taupunkt: 23,3 Grad Celsius
  • Luftfeuchtigkeit: 55%

Die Luftfeuchtigkeit sieht eigentlich ja gar nicht nach so viel aus, aber da wärmere Luft deutlich mehr Wasser speichern kann, fühlt es sich wirklich schwül an. Ein etwas besserer Maßstab ist der Taupunkt. Alles über 15 Grad Celsius fühlt sich unangenehm an. So ist es nun, mit einem Taupunkt von 23 Grad Celsius, wirklich sehr, sehr unangenehm.


Yesterday I had the air-conditioning on, and today it’s the central heating I have on! Wetter!!! Gestern war es noch die Klimaanlage, die ich an hatte, und heute ist es schon wieder die Heizung!