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… and a beneficial one at that: 0.7″ during the night. Look at the rain gauge: Hurrah, wir hatten Regen, … … und sogar gut-tuenden: immerhin 17,7 Millimeter sind in der vergangenen Nacht heruntergekommen, wie der Niederschlagsmesser zeigt:


… und gebar ein Mäuslein, wie man so sagt. Für die vergangene Nacht hatte es eine Unwetterwarnung für einen großen Teil von Texas, Hill Country eingeschlossen, mit möglichen starken Tornados ebenso wie Hagel mit großem Durchmesser, und was war? – … Continue reading


While We Were Gone …

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… to the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque/NM [more about that later, once I have managed to sorth through and edit tons of pictures], there was quite a lot of rain in our area here [for October 15 the official rain … Continue reading


There you are: you leave your home one day when you still need the A/C working, and then you return a week later and you need to switch on the heating! Texanisches Wetter So kann’s gehen: da verlässt man das … Continue reading


More Wonderful [= Beneficial] Rain

From some time around midnight last night to about 1:30PM today we had some more rain, a total of 2.7 inches, which means that over a span of more than 13 hours it was a nice steadily-soaking and ground-penetrating rain, … Continue reading


Rain – Glorious, Wonderful, Long Longed For, Ever So Welcome

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In my previous post I already talked about the rain that had started yesterday in the afternoon and that has brought us here at the house 1.9″ so far. This morning, when I got up, I heard that most welcome … Continue reading



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This is what the weatherforecast must look like on the xomputer screen: REGEN!!! So muss die Wettervorhersage auf dem Monitor aussehen: It started to rain yesterday afternoon, when I was bbq-ing, and has been raining – sometimes heavily – off … Continue reading


Last night, between 9 and 10, it started to rain, and this morning our rain gauge showed 1.3 inches: we’re so happy! And to tell the truth, we’re also happy that we were not hit like nearby Uvalde County, where … Continue reading

Hot, Hotter, Enchanted Rock – Update

I just found out in our local paper that this record temperature was not all it got to lately, but that it was even hotter a few days later, on July 23, when it was a blazing hot furnace of 155 – right: onehundred and fifty-five! – degrees Fahrenheit on top of the rock!

Heiß, heißer, Enchanted Rock – Update

Gerade habe ich in unserer Lokalzeitung gesehen, dass dieser Rekordwert noch längst nicht Alles war, sondern dass es ein paar Tage später, am 23. Juli, dort wahre Hochofentemperaturen hatte, von sage und schreibe 68 – richtig gelesen: achtundsechzig! – Grad Celsius oben auf dem Felsen!


Hot, Hotter, Enchanted Rock

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On Thursday, July 19, it was an incredible 133 degrees Fahrenheit on the summit of Enchanted Rock, just about 17 miles from here. Heiß, heißer, Enchanted Rock Am Donnerstag, dem 19. Juli, waren es unglaubliche 56 Grad Celsius auf dem … Continue reading