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Even with a good fire burning in our fireplace, and considering our frequent BBQing, we should have enough firewood, don’t you think? Brennholz Auch wenn wir jetzt häufiger den Kamin heizen werden, und auch wenn wir ja doch das gesamte … Continue reading


Johnson City Christmas Lights

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Johnson City is famous here in our neck of the woods for its gorgeous Christmas lighting. Part of it is due to the spectacular lights around the Pedernales Electric Co-operative, but also the park, the Courthouse and many private homes … Continue reading


When Fritz Had His “Ouchie”

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Just now, when I was leafing through my pictures, I happened to come across some pictures and a video from earlier this year, when Fritz had his “ouchie”. In fact, it was way more serious than just an “ouchie”: it … Continue reading


They’re Not Fighting … Yet

For the last few days I have seen two bucks in out back yard, (still) grazing amiably side by side. So, I conclude, they’re not (yet) in rut as I assume they would fight each other then. Once in a … Continue reading


SolarEclipseRoadTrip – Day 1 [Fredericksburg/TX to Denver/CO]

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Saturday, August 19, 2017: As we had planned, we got up really early, I at the “unchristian” time of 03:45 am, and Mary at 4, because we had expected really congested roads on the Saturday before the solar eclipse [the … Continue reading


Mature Bucks

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The clearest sign, to my mind, of approaching autumn – besides a clear drop in the nightly temperatures – is the appearance of mature bucks in our yard. They first showed up – singly or up to three at a … Continue reading


Bach at Luckenbach

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A few weeks ago, on June 15, the Fredericksburg Community Orchestras presented “Bach at Luckenbach/TX”, an evening of classical and fiddle music in historic Luckenbach, Texas. Bach in Luckenbach Vor ein paar Wochen, am 15. Juni, präsentierten die Fredericksburg Community … Continue reading


Honoring the Past: Grand Entry and Powwow

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Let’s continue with day two of this event. On this, the second day, there was to be a Powwow in the Adelsvereinshalle on Marktplatz, and two times a “Grand Entry. Because of the light conditions [bright sunshine outside but fairly … Continue reading



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A few days ago I had a good opportunity to get pictures and videos of “our” hummingbirds [this year we seem to have four at least] flitting around our hummingbird feeders and drinking their fill. Even with me sitting close … Continue reading


Summer Solstice

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Spurred on by a tweet from Germany about a fire on the eve of summer solstice, I decided to have one here in our back yard, too. Here’s some of the pictures I took: Sommersonnenwende Angeregt durch einen Tweet aus … Continue reading