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Johnson City Christmas Lights

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Johnson City is famous here in our neck of the woods for its gorgeous Christmas lighting. Part of it is due to the spectacular lights around the Pedernales Electric Co-operative, but also the park, the Courthouse and many private homes … Continue reading


When Fritz Had His “Ouchie”

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Just now, when I was leafing through my pictures, I happened to come across some pictures and a video from earlier this year, when Fritz had his “ouchie”. In fact, it was way more serious than just an “ouchie”: it … Continue reading


They’re Not Fighting … Yet

For the last few days I have seen two bucks in out back yard, (still) grazing amiably side by side. So, I conclude, they’re not (yet) in rut as I assume they would fight each other then. Once in a … Continue reading


SolarEclipseRoadTrip – Day 1 [Fredericksburg/TX to Denver/CO]

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Saturday, August 19, 2017: As we had planned, we got up really early, I at the “unchristian” time of 03:45 am, and Mary at 4, because we had expected really congested roads on the Saturday before the solar eclipse [the … Continue reading


Mature Bucks

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The clearest sign, to my mind, of approaching autumn – besides a clear drop in the nightly temperatures – is the appearance of mature bucks in our yard. They first showed up – singly or up to three at a … Continue reading


Bach at Luckenbach

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A few weeks ago, on June 15, the Fredericksburg Community Orchestras presented “Bach at Luckenbach/TX”, an evening of classical and fiddle music in historic Luckenbach, Texas. Bach in Luckenbach Vor ein paar Wochen, am 15. Juni, präsentierten die Fredericksburg Community … Continue reading


Honoring the Past: Grand Entry and Powwow

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Let’s continue with day two of this event. On this, the second day, there was to be a Powwow in the Adelsvereinshalle on Marktplatz, and two times a “Grand Entry. Because of the light conditions [bright sunshine outside but fairly … Continue reading



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A few days ago I had a good opportunity to get pictures and videos of “our” hummingbirds [this year we seem to have four at least] flitting around our hummingbird feeders and drinking their fill. Even with me sitting close … Continue reading


Summer Solstice

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Spurred on by a tweet from Germany about a fire on the eve of summer solstice, I decided to have one here in our back yard, too. Here’s some of the pictures I took: Sommersonnenwende Angeregt durch einen Tweet aus … Continue reading


Hill Country Antique Tractor & Machinery Show – Part 5

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And now, I think, it’s time for the final post about that show: machinery in action again – this time a corn sheller and a thresher. That was another demonstartion I enjoyed a lot: Hill Country Antike Traktor und Maschinen … Continue reading