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Hot, Hotter, Enchanted Rock – Update

I just found out in our local paper that this record temperature was not all it got to lately, but that it was even hotter a few days later, on July 23, when it was a blazing hot furnace of 155 – right: onehundred and fifty-five! – degrees Fahrenheit on top of the rock!

Heiß, heißer, Enchanted Rock – Update

Gerade habe ich in unserer Lokalzeitung gesehen, dass dieser Rekordwert noch längst nicht Alles war, sondern dass es ein paar Tage später, am 23. Juli, dort wahre Hochofentemperaturen hatte, von sage und schreibe 68 – richtig gelesen: achtundsechzig! – Grad Celsius oben auf dem Felsen!


Hot, Hotter, Enchanted Rock

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On Thursday, July 19, it was an incredible 133 degrees Fahrenheit on the summit of Enchanted Rock, just about 17 miles from here. Heiß, heißer, Enchanted Rock Am Donnerstag, dem 19. Juli, waren es unglaubliche 56 Grad Celsius auf dem … Continue reading


RailTrailsRoadTrip 2018 – Day One [Fredericksburg – Pearl/MS]

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As said before: our plan was to leave by 6AM at the latest, but as it often happens, we didn’t quite manage that as that last few tasks in the house took longer than anticipated, and it was not before … Continue reading


Galveston – Foodwise

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I think I left the best for my last blog post about Galveston: the good food we had!  🙂  Well, we did have some seriously great food, especially on the occasion of my birthday dinner at Fisherman’s Wharf. But let’s … Continue reading


More Galveston Videos

As I wrote before, it was not only the “Carnival Valor” we could watch sailing by, but also the “When and If” and the “Lynx“. Here’s a video of those two beautiful vessels. Unfortunately, I again had to shoot the … Continue reading


Galveston Harbour – The “Carnival Valor” Leaving

As I said – and showed – in my previous post, we could see the cruise ships from the window of our room. And we were also able to watch – and record video footage – of the “Carnival Valor” … Continue reading


Galveston – The Harbor House Hotel at Pier 21

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Let’s – after quite some time in between – continue with reporting about our stay in Galveston more than a month ago, this time with a description/review of our hotel. Ever since we had seen it last year we had … Continue reading


First Real Downpour of the Year

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Over all, this year has been way too dry so far, but (early) this morning we had quite a thunderstorm with a very heavy downpour [at around 10:30 our raingauge showed 3 inches] and within minutes our wet weather creek, … Continue reading


Garden(ing) News – Blogpost # 1

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Gartennachrichten – Blogartikel # 1 We have a new guest in our garden. Last week I saw – for the first time in my life – an Armadillo! I knew, of course, that they are around here: after all the … Continue reading


Navigare Est Vivere – on Board during the Tall Ships’ Parade in Galveston

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What better than to revive this blog with some pictures of the Tall Ships (Parade) in Galveston that took place exactly on my birthday this year, on April 5th. We had found out about that event when we were there … Continue reading