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Crazy Me – Part 4 [Saturday and Sunday in South Bend]

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Well, I wouldn’t call these two days “crazy” at all. They were more like routine travelling-days, except for the fact that I spent all of that Saturday in my room and stayed in bed most of the time as once … Continue reading


Crazy Me – Part 1 [Travelling to the Soccer Match Dortmund vs. Liverpool in South Bend/IN]

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Why I am crazy? Because I actually, just to watch a soccer match, which I would have been able to watch on TV here [it was broadcast live] much better, flew/drove all the way up to South Bend/IN. Admittedly, it … Continue reading


15th Annual Masonic Car Show

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On Saturday, June 1st, we had this year’s Annual Masonic Car Show, the 15th as it was, on the Marktplatz. Here’s just a selection of the pictures I took: 15. Jährliche Freimaurer Auto Show Am Samstag, dem 1, Juni, hatten … Continue reading


In Port Aransas – Again

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A few days ago we were in our most favourite spot at the Texas Gulf Coast again, in Port Aransas on Mustang Island. Mustang Island is a typical, that is quite elongated but very narrow, Barrier Island, and as such … Continue reading


May the Fourth Be with You!

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This is the little guy we call “R2D2” here: Das ist der kleine Kerl, den wir hier “R2D2” nennen: It’s not exactly a look-a-like, but we like that (funny) name for this industrial vacuum cleaner. Er sieht nun zwar nicht … Continue reading


RailTrailsRoadTrip 2018 – Day 16 [Big Four Bridge and Falls of the Ohio: Background Information]

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RailTrailsRoadTrip 2018 – Tag 16 [Big Four Bridge und Falls of the Ohio: Hintergrundinformation] The Big-Four Bridge is a truss bridge with six spans which connects Louisville/KY with Jeffersonville on the other side of the Ohio in Indiana. Die Big-Four … Continue reading


He who goes a-travellin’ …

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… will have something to narrate – as the old German saying goes. And once Pit, this old blabbermouth, has started rambling, this “something” soon grows into a novel. Well, not quite, but maybe half a novel or at least … Continue reading


Meanwhile at the Coast (#6) – We’re Leaving Port Aransas

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And now there’s nothing left but to get in a few words and pictures about our leaving Port A. We did it in a leisurely fashion, as check-out time was a very convenient 11 AM. So we had breakfast, packed … Continue reading


Galveston – the Moody Mansion

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On our third day in Galveston at the beginning of April this year, after having sailed on board the “When and If“ during the Parade of Sails on my birthday, April 5, and after having been on board some of … Continue reading


On Board Vintage Vessels – Just Pictures

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On the day after the Parade of Sails we went on board the tall ships and snooped around. A few pictures here from below decks: An Bord betagter Schiffe – Nur Bilder Am Tag nach der Parade of Sails haben … Continue reading