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First, BVB Dortmund ignominiously looses 1:3 against Union Berlin, then the German national soccer team folds 2:4 against the Netherlands, and, to top it all, today the Texas Longhorns, “our” college football team, is beaten 45 to 38 by LSU! … Continue reading


Crazy Me – Part 3 [(The Day of) The Match]

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My second day in South Bend was to be the big day, the day of the actual match – BVB Borussia Dortmund vs. FC Liverpool. At first, in the morning, I fortified myself in a nearby café with a quite … Continue reading


Superbowl Preparations

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What is Superbowl Sunday without a good BBQ?! Absolutely unthinkable, especially here in Texas. Superbowl Vorbereitungen Was ist ein Superbowl Sonntag ohne Barbeque?! Absolut undenkbar, ganz besonders hier in Texas. That is why I got the grill/smoker out, and did … Continue reading


Soccer World Championship

Thursday last week was the day of a “inter-family disagreement” here, of course.  😉  With the USA playing Germany in Brazil, naturally Mary had to cheer and cross her fingers for the US boys, whereas I had to cheer and … Continue reading