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First, BVB Dortmund ignominiously looses 1:3 against Union Berlin, then the German national soccer team folds 2:4 against the Netherlands, and, to top it all, today the Texas Longhorns, “our” college football team, is beaten 45 to 38 by LSU! … Continue reading


Crazy Me – Part 6 [Travelling Back]

Well, there’s not much to tell about travelling back: everything went smoothly. Ich bin verrückt – Teil 6 [Rückreise] Nun, von der Rückreise gibt es nicht viel zu berichten: sie verlief ohne besondere Vorkommnisse. Since I had a relatively late … Continue reading


Crazy Me – Part 3 [(The Day of) The Match]

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My second day in South Bend was to be the big day, the day of the actual match – BVB Borussia Dortmund vs. FC Liverpool. At first, in the morning, I fortified myself in a nearby café with a quite … Continue reading


Crazy Me – Part 2 [Public Training of BVB Dortmund in South Bend/IN]

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As mentioned before, there was supposed to be a public training session of BVB Borussia Dortmund on the evening of July 18 on the campus of Notre Dame University in South Bend, Indiana, beginning at around 7PM. It was because … Continue reading


Crazy Me – Part 1 [Travelling to the Soccer Match Dortmund vs. Liverpool in South Bend/IN]

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Why I am crazy? Because I actually, just to watch a soccer match, which I would have been able to watch on TV here [it was broadcast live] much better, flew/drove all the way up to South Bend/IN. Admittedly, it … Continue reading


Watching German TV Live Here

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That’s possible with a little technical effort: connect our big TV-screen in the den to my laptop via HDMI cable, and access the German TV station via the internet, using Freedome [yes, with the “e”], a VPN “tunnel “supplied by … Continue reading

Thoughts While Bicycling

That’s what I’ve been looking forward to throughout my bicycle ride this afternoon:

Gedanken während des Radelns

Das hier ist es, worauf ich mich während meines Radelns heute Nachmittag die ganze Zeit gefreut habe:


Ein “Köpi”! – LECKER!

For my American friends: “Köpi” is short for “König Pilsener“, one of my favourite German beers.


Why is it that, when I’m bicyling, I have to grab between my legs whenever I want to drink? (Unanständige) Gedanken zum Radeln Warum nur muss ich beim Radeln immer zwischen meine Beine greifen, wenn ich etwas trinken will?


RailTrailsRoadTrip 2018 [Some Numbers and Data]

Finally, to finish my account of that road trip, I want to add a few figures and data. The figures here about our total miles and gas consumption are based on our “car log” and therefore slightly different from those … Continue reading


I’m Back in the Saddle Again

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Well, not like Gene Autry in the song of that title, but back in the saddle of my bicycle. Today, with temperatures of around 75 Fahrenheit, but not too much the sun, I decided to hop on the Motta … … Continue reading