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Southwest 2019: Montezuma’s Castle

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This day, like the previous one, was quite well filled with our touristic programme. We were supposed to see “Montezuma’s Castle“, the historic town of Jerome, and have another railway trip, this time on the Verde Canyon Railroad. Luckily, the … Continue reading


Aspects of American Architecture

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In March Manni. he of the “Mannis Fotobude” blog, started a photoproject “architecture” and asked for contributions. I have already done so in my “Bilderbuch Blog“, under the heading “Architecture through the Ages“, but as I have many more pictures … Continue reading


Southwest 2019: Grand Canyon [Just Pictures]

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As I said in my previous post, here are more pictures of our trip to the Grand Canyon. Let’s start with the depot of the Grand Canyon Railway in Williams: Südwesten: Grand Canyon 2019 [nur Bilder] Wie ich im vergangenen … Continue reading


Southwest 2019: Our Day at the Grand Canyon

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This day, Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2019, had a long day in store for us, a trip to the Grand Canyon, and therefore a very early rise. We were to leave our hotel at 7AM, which, in turn, meant that got … Continue reading


Photoproject #9: Nighttime Photography

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On his blog “Mannis Fotobude” Manni has again called for participation in another, the ninth, photoproject of his. This time the subject is “Nighttime Phtography”. Here’s my first contribution, with pictures from the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque in 2018. Actually, … Continue reading


Southwest 2019: Sedona – Just Red Rocks

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After we’ve seen by now some of the famous red rocks of Sedona in different contexts, here now a collection of pictures absolutely without words: just red rocks only. Lets start with a panorama: Südwesten 2019: Sedona – Ganz einfach … Continue reading


Southwest 2019: Our First Day in Sedona – Jeep and Trolley Tour

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The tour programme for that day was a jeep tour [Pink Jeep Tours] up the Mogollon rim and a trolley tour around Sedona. Even if I do have quite a good recollection of it, I’d like to copy Mary’s diary … Continue reading


Southwest 2019: Getting There [Albuquerque – Walnut Creek Canyon – Sedona]

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That day, our 4th day of travelling, the plan was to drive from Albuquerque to Sedona, where we would be staying for 5 days. At 351 miles it wasn’t too long a way according to our standards, but still we … Continue reading


Albuquerque 2018: The Petroglyph National Monument

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After a lazy morning, it was only after noon that we went on our way to the National Petroglyph Monument, a “Landscape of Sacred Symbols”, as the Monument’s website calls it. Actually, on the Albuquerque side of the Monument, there … Continue reading


Albuquerque 2018: Balloons, Balloons, Balloons

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As I said before: after we had been beset the Old Town before noon, in the afternoon it was off to our actual goal, the Balloon Fiesta. We drove ourselves to the official parking-lot, and the a shuttle delivered us … Continue reading