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Texas Temperatures …

… are here again. After it’s now yet been (really) hot hereabouts, we have our first taste of “real” Texas temperatures today. The data for just now:

  • actual temperature [at 3PM]: 96 degrees Fahrenheit
  • feels like: 110 degrees Fahrenheit
  • dew point: 74 degrees Fahrenheit
  • humidity: 55%

The humidity doesn’t look like much, but as warmer air can hold more moisture, it really feels sultry. A somewhat better yardstick is the dew point. Anything above 60 degreesFahrenheit makes you feel uncomfortable. So, with the dew point at 74 degrees Fahrenheit, it is really, really uncomfortable.

Texanische Temperaturen …

… sind wieder da. Nachdem es bisher noch nicht richtig heiß war, haben wir heute unseren ersten Vorgeschmack auf “echt” texanische Temperaturen bekommen. Die Daten für heute:

  • aktuelle Temperatur [um 15 Uhr]: 35,5 Grad Celsius
  • gefühlte Temperatur: 43,3 Grad Celsius
  • Taupunkt: 23,3 Grad Celsius
  • Luftfeuchtigkeit: 55%

Die Luftfeuchtigkeit sieht eigentlich ja gar nicht nach so viel aus, aber da wärmere Luft deutlich mehr Wasser speichern kann, fühlt es sich wirklich schwül an. Ein etwas besserer Maßstab ist der Taupunkt. Alles über 15 Grad Celsius fühlt sich unangenehm an. So ist es nun, mit einem Taupunkt von 23 Grad Celsius, wirklich sehr, sehr unangenehm.


Bambis and Their Mamas

This gallery contains 4 photos.

It’s taken a long time for the mamas to show us their babies, and there are way fewer than last year when there were 8, but finally the fawns have appeared. There are only just 4 [one set of twins … Continue reading


Just Blossoms

This gallery contains 20 photos.

Well, mainly. I’ve already shown, on my other blog [Pit’s Bilderbuch: Meine Urlaubs- und andere Bilder], pictures I took lately in our wildflower area here Cactus Blossoms and Butterfly and here Spot the Butterfly but now I want to show … Continue reading


Thunderstorm 2019-05-03

This gallery contains 3 photos.

Yesterday, as I already mentioned here [“In Koblenz …“], we had quite a thunderstorm, with some hail in it, and lots of rain. We got 2.7 inches here at the house, in just about 4 to 5 hours. A downpour … Continue reading


Remodelling – Update 6 [Nearly Finished]

This gallery contains 6 photos.

This Tuesday I was at our old place in Karnes City again, to check on the progress of the remodelling, as our contractor had notified us that it is nearly finished. And so it is. Here are a few pictures. … Continue reading


First Blossoms

This gallery contains 8 photos.

And now, as indicated in my last posting, some of the first blossoms in our garden in more detail/close-ups, first some Mexican Plums: Erste Blüten Und nun, wie im vorherigen Beitrag schon angekündigt, einige der ersten Blüten in unserem Garten … Continue reading


A Sure Sign That Spring Is Coming …

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… is that the Live Oaks are shedding their old leaves and growing new and nicely green ones. In this way the Live Oaks are kind of evergreen. Ein sicheres Zeichen, dass der Frühling kommt, … … ist, dass unsere … Continue reading


Our First Wildflowers

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I’ve mentioned it in comments on other blogs before: we don’t have as many wildflowers as we’d like to have. In fact, we have a few only, in spite of the fact that we put out seeds last autumn and … Continue reading



This gallery contains 11 photos.

Today it’s quite cold. Just now, with a blustery north wind, only 53 Fahrenheit. But for the last few weeks we really had spring-like weather. I even had to mow the lawn a week ago – much sooner than I … Continue reading


It’s Spring …

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… and punctually at the beginning of spring our Bradford Pears I planted last year have started blossoming. Well actually it is one day past the beginning of spring and the first blossoms had started to appear a few days … Continue reading