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RailTrailsRoadTrip – Day 9 [St. Louis/MO – Hermann/MO]

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Even if it would have been a short distance only – according to Google Maps 92.3 miles [1 hr 41 mins] if we had taken I-70. But on the one hand we usually avoid the big Interstates, preferring the smaller … Continue reading


Morning Views of the Garden

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It was/is a gorgeous early autumn morning today. So I decided to take a few pictures and just publish them here, as a gallery, without further comment. Enjoy! Morgenansichten des Gartens Es war/ist ein prachtvoller Frühherbstmorgen heute. Da bin ich … Continue reading


… in the middle of December! That’s what I did today! Well, I must admit I had been lazy in the lawn-mowing department, but still: it’s amazing to me, though I think that’s really the last time before winter sets … Continue reading


A Texas Hill Country Sunset

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Last night, we had a fantastic sunset: Ein Texas Hill Country Sonnenuntergang Gestern Abend hatten wir einen ganz fantastischen Sonnenuntergang: It reminded me of a saying we have in Germany, when we see a sky like this shortly before Christmas: … Continue reading


Steaming Lawn

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This morning, as on other mornings lately, we had a kind of a “steaming lawn” where the sun was shining on the frosted grass. It simply looked gorgeous and the pictures don’t really do the atmosphere justice. Dampfender Rasen Heute … Continue reading


The Cold Front Has Passed, …

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… it’s just 45 degrees Fahrenheit outside, and the temperature is supposed to drop to 29 in the early morning hours tomorrow: the first freeze here in Fredericksburg in the Texas Hill Country. What better time than to have a … Continue reading


… 61 Fahrenheit this morning at 07:30 = wonderfully refreshing. Es sind kuehle … 16 Grad Celsius heute Morgen um 7:30 = wunderbar erfrischend.  


A Crisp Morning

At 9 this morning it was still 30 degrees Fahrenheit only, but beautiful, with the sun shining brightly from a clear blue sky:

Ein knackig frischer Morgen

Um 9 heute früh war es immer nioch nur -1 Grad Celsius, aber wunderbar, mit klar blauem Himmel und strahlendem Sonnenschein:


Early Morning Sunshine – but Quite Crisp


Well, we did not quite get that far down. At the weather station in town it’s 34.7 Fahrenheit just now [7 am], and not 28 as forecast. Erster Frost Na ja, ganz so tief sind die Temperaturen dann doch nicht … Continue reading


The Seasons Are A-Changing

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It definitely getting more autumn-like now and what do I do? Put up a sun shade! What am I thinking? – Well, summer is not over yet, especially not in southern Texas. So we may still have use for that. … Continue reading