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Even with a good fire burning in our fireplace, and considering our frequent BBQing, we should have enough firewood, don’t you think? Brennholz Auch wenn wir jetzt häufiger den Kamin heizen werden, und auch wenn wir ja doch das gesamte … Continue reading


First Snow

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Last night, we had the first snowfall of the season – not much, though, but some white powder on the ground. This is what it looked like around 8:30PM in our front yard: Der erste Schnee Gestern Abend hatten wir … Continue reading


Garden Miscellanea

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On Friday, I tried out “my new toy“, our new lawn tractor, and I was quite happy with it. It runs smoother and faster than the old one [though, with it being faster, I have to hold onto it even … Continue reading


Autumn Certainly Has Arrived, …

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… even if, at 81 Fahrenheit this afternoon, it didn’t exactly feel like it. But the trees in our garden do show it: Der Herbst ist mit Sicherheit eingetroffen, … … auch wenn, mit 27 Grad heute Nachmittag, es sich … Continue reading


Now That’s a Late-Comer!

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This evening, just a few minutes ago, we saw this fairly young fawn in our backyard: Das ist aber mal ein später Nachkömmling! Heute Abend, gerade vor ein paar Minuten, haben wir dieses relativ junge Rehkitz in unserem Garten gesehen: … Continue reading


Three Mature Bucks in the Yard

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I had seen them before, and even got a video – albeit of a very poor quality – of them, but a few days ago I got another chance for pictures of all three together in our back yard: Drei … Continue reading


Mature Bucks

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The clearest sign, to my mind, of approaching autumn – besides a clear drop in the nightly temperatures – is the appearance of mature bucks in our yard. They first showed up – singly or up to three at a … Continue reading



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A few days ago I had a good opportunity to get pictures and videos of “our” hummingbirds [this year we seem to have four at least] flitting around our hummingbird feeders and drinking their fill. Even with me sitting close … Continue reading


Summer Solstice

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Spurred on by a tweet from Germany about a fire on the eve of summer solstice, I decided to have one here in our back yard, too. Here’s some of the pictures I took: Sommersonnenwende Angeregt durch einen Tweet aus … Continue reading


A Snake in the Driveway – Small and Harmless Though

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This morning I discovered a little snake, which for once the kitties had not attacked yet, in our driveway. Normally our kitties play with them and kill them and then, sometimes, bring them into the garage. I’m not quite sure, … Continue reading