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Alaska Trip – Day 5 [Denali NP #1: Bus Tour]

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Here it’s mostly text describing our bus tour, with some illustrative pictures. Nearly all the pictures of the gorgeous landscape will be shown in a separate post – without any text so as not to distract from the beauty of … Continue reading


Another Downpour

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Yesterday morning we had another downpour, of nearly the same amount [2.6 inches], but in a shorter time [ca. 3 hrs] than on May 3, and consequently the creek rose faster [especially as the soil in the catchment area was … Continue reading


The Clip I Forgot …

… to add to my previous video of our recent thunderstorm. Der Clip, den ich vergessen habe, … meinem Video von unseren Gewitter neulich hinzuzufügen. Just now I found out the I had one more clip but had forgotten to … Continue reading


Thunderstorm 2019-05-03

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Yesterday, as I already mentioned here [“In Koblenz …“], we had quite a thunderstorm, with some hail in it, and lots of rain. We got 2.7 inches here at the house, in just about 4 to 5 hours. A downpour … Continue reading


In Koblenz …

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… fühlte ich mich heute. “Koblenz” kommt doch von Lateinisch “Confluentes”, also (der) “Zusammenfluss” (zweier Ströme), und genau das hatten wir hier beim Unwetter heute Nachmittag: einen Zusammenfluss zweier Ströme [wenn auch nicht der Mosel und des Rheins wie in … Continue reading


A Short But Heavy Downpour

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Ein kurzer aber heftiger Regenguss This is what it looked like on the patio and in our back yard: So sah es auf der Terrasse und im Garten hinter dem Haus aus: And here’s a short video of it: Und … Continue reading


… and a beneficial one at that: 0.7″ during the night. Look at the rain gauge: Hurrah, wir hatten Regen, … … und sogar gut-tuenden: immerhin 17,7 Millimeter sind in der vergangenen Nacht heruntergekommen, wie der Niederschlagsmesser zeigt:


While We Were Gone …

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… to the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque/NM [more about that later, once I have managed to sorth through and edit tons of pictures], there was quite a lot of rain in our area here [for October 15 the official rain … Continue reading


More Wonderful [= Beneficial] Rain

From some time around midnight last night to about 1:30PM today we had some more rain, a total of 2.7 inches, which means that over a span of more than 13 hours it was a nice steadily-soaking and ground-penetrating rain, … Continue reading


Rain – Glorious, Wonderful, Long Longed For, Ever So Welcome

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In my previous post I already talked about the rain that had started yesterday in the afternoon and that has brought us here at the house 1.9″ so far. This morning, when I got up, I heard that most welcome … Continue reading