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Alaska Trip – Day Four [Travelling by Coach from Anchorage to the Denali National Park]

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Not “Way up North, off to Alaska” as the song from the movie “North to Alaska” with John Wayne and Stewart Granger goes, but “Way up North, off to Denali” it was. Alaska Trip – Tag 4 [Fahrt mit dem … Continue reading


Palo Duro Mornings

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We had some glorious mornings at Palo Duro. Here’s a time-lapse video of the sun rising: Morgenstimmungen am Palo Duro Canyon Wir hatten zwei wundervolle frühe Morgenstimmungen am Canyon. Hier zunächst einmal ein Zeitraffer-Video vom Sonnenaufgang: And here’s the canyon … Continue reading


Palo Duro Canyon – Background Information

After having mainly shown pictures so far, here’s now some background information about Palo Duro Canyon: Palo Duro Canyon – Hintergrundinformation Nachdem ich bisher im Wesentlichen Bilder gezeigt habe, kommt hier nun etwas Hintergrundinformation über Palo Duro Canyon: At roughly … Continue reading


Hiking in Palo Duro Canyon State Park

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I’m combining two days here. On our first day we did the Rojo Grande Trail, and on our second the Kiowa Trail. Mary had chosen these two trails from the map and description we had been given at the park’s … Continue reading



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I seem to be unable to catch up with all the goings-on I want to blog about. There’s way too much new stuff constantly coming up, plus important things other than blogging to do, and on top of it all … Continue reading


RailTrailsRoadTrip 2018 – Day 10 [Jump-Off Rock – and Another Indian Love Story]

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Only just now I’ve found out that, with “copy and paste”, I got the day-count wrong: this was not, as I had previously written, day 9 but already day 10 of our trip! For this, our last day in Hendersonville/NC, … Continue reading


RailTrailsRoadTrip 2018 – Day 8 [Travelling the Cherohala Skyway]

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For this day Mary hand chosen a gorgeous scenic route, the Cherohala Skyway, connecting the townships of Robbinsville in North Carolina and of Tellicoe Plains in Tennessee, 43 miles altogether, through the fantastic scenic landscape of the southern Great Smoky … Continue reading


RailTrailsRoadTrip 2018 – Day 5 [Popcorn Overlook]

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What I completely forgot in my last post was that, on our way from Brasstown Bold to Sautee Nacoochee, we stopped at Popcorn Overlook [quite a strange name for a vantage point, isn’t it?] … RailTrailsRoadTrip 2018 – Tag 5 … Continue reading


RailTrailsRoadTrip 2018 – Day 3 [Bicycling the Chief Ladiga Trail in Alabama]

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Well, now for the actual bicycle ride: after a good and restful night we were up early, as is usual for us when travelling, because I wanted to do my bicycling before noon, if possible, since there were thunderstorms in … Continue reading


SolarEclipseRoadTrip – Day 8 [Grand Forks/ND to Sioux Falls/SD]

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Saturday, August 26, 2017: Today it was to be another day on the road. To begin with: Mary had chosen Sioux Falls because that city, too, had nice bicycle paths, and because from here it was only a short side … Continue reading