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Alaska-Trip – Day 8 [Train Ride Denali to Anchorage, Part 1: Denali Park Depot

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Well, as said, our stay at Denali National Park and Preserve came to an end and it was time to get back to Anchorage. For our trip back we had decided on taking the train, the Denali Star, and not … Continue reading


Alaska Train Ride – Appetizer #1

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As it may be some time before I can publish my posts [there certainly will be more than one] about our train ride on the “Denali Star” back from the Denali Train Depot to Anchorage, here’s an appetizer: Alaska Zugfahrt … Continue reading


Alaska-Trip – Days 4 to 8 [The Desolation of “Glitter Gulch”]

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Before we finally leave for Anchorage, I would like to show a few pictures of the township we stayed at. When we asked around, nobody could actually tell us the name.  One of our shuttle drivers told us that the … Continue reading


Alaska Trip – Day 5 & 6 [Dinners]

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On the evening of our fifth day in Alaska, after returning from our bus trip through the Denali National Park, we went to the Denali Park Salmon Bake restaurant, just a few steps away from our accommodation, for our dinner. … Continue reading


Alaska Trip – Day 5 [Denali National Park #3: Denali Wildlife]

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Unfortunately Mary and I [there was a guy in the seat behind me, though, who must have had an eagle’s eyesight: he kept pointing us to animals I could not always spot even with my binoculars] were not able to … Continue reading


Alaska Trip – Day 5 [Denali National Park #2: The Beauty of Denali – Just Pictures]

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Klick on any one of the pictures [twice] to be able to see them in full resolution. And now, let the pictures speak for themselves: Alaska Trip – Tag 5 [Denali Nationalpark #2: Die Schönheit von Denali – nur Bilder] … Continue reading


Alaska Trip – Day 5 [Denali NP #1: Bus Tour]

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Here it’s mostly text describing our bus tour, with some illustrative pictures. Nearly all the pictures of the gorgeous landscape will be shown in a separate post – without any text so as not to distract from the beauty of … Continue reading


Alaska Trip – Day Five [Wedding Anniversary]

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And now, after my longish digression about our not so perfect accommodation, back to the day-to-day account of the remainder of our trip: Alaska Trip – Tag 5 [Hochzeitstag] Und nun, nach meinem längeren Exkurs über unsere – vorsichtig formuliert … Continue reading


Alaska Trip – Days Four to Eight [Views from and of the Cabin]

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As already announced, I’ll now post a few pictures of our accommodations [outside and inside] and of the views from our porch, with a few explanatory notes. As usual, if you click on the pictures, you’ll be able to see … Continue reading


Alaska Trip – Days Four to Eight [A Disappointing Cabin, Part 2 – Comparing Promises and Reality]

In this part I’d like to compare what they say on their website about their place and what the reality is: ” … for many travellers our Cabins are the hidden gem they are seeking.  Our cabins are clean, private, … Continue reading