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Now I know where that phrase comes from, since we’ve been taken to the cleaners, literally. Well, actually we’ve taken ourselves to the cleaners, so to speak. What happened was this: about two weeks ago we took two quilted bedcovers … Continue reading


Yesterday, for the second time in a row, I mowed the lawn without bumping my head and scratching it bloody on one of the many  low-hanging branches! Definitely worth marking the calendar!  😉 Ich bin längst nicht mehr der Alte … Continue reading


… der fällt ja bekanntlicherweise – wie das Sprichwort sagt – selbst hinein. So geschehen am vergangenen Freitag, als ich das Loch für unseren Weihnachtsbaum gebuddelt habe. Dabei wollte ich doch Niemandem etwas, sondern nur eine Schaufel voll Erde zum … Continue reading


A Sharpshooter in Our Garden

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No, we did not invite Wyatt Earp or any of his likes, nor is it that guy leaning nonchalantly against the cart in the pictures in my posting about planting our Christmas tree  – definitely not him.   😉  With garden … Continue reading


More Purchases

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When we were in Comfort, New Braunfels, and Gruene, snooping around in antique stores for furniture, I also found something quite different: German beer glasses [admittedly not antique] and some old books: Noch mehr Einkäufe Als wir neulich in Comfort, … Continue reading


The Hickok/Vins Moving Company

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Yesterday we were in Comfort, to get two pieces of antique furniture we had bought there last week. We didn’t want to move those pieces on our open trailer. So we rented a closed one from U-Haul: Die Hickok/Vins Möbeltransport-Firma … Continue reading


Everything Comes in Bags

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That’s a new experience for me here, that sand and even asphalt comes in bags here. When we had to do the foundations for our new little garden shed and the paving in front of it, we got sand – … Continue reading


No Wonder …

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… that we moved from Karnes City to Fredericksburg, when you see this picture, taken yesterday from the front porch of our old place, isn’t it?! Kein Wunder … … dass wir von Karnes City hier nach Fredericksburg umgezogen sind, … Continue reading

Oooops – Again My Maths Were Incorrect

I’ve just realized that in my last posting I got it wrong: 85 degrees Fahrenheit are NOT 39 degrees Celsius but only 29! Sorry.

Oooops – Meine Rechnerei war mal wieder falsch

Gerade habe ich realisiert, dass ich die Umrechnung mal wieder falsch hinbekommen habe: 85 Grad Fahrenheit sind NICHT 39 sondern nur 29 Grad Celsius. Sorry!

They’ve Finally Done It

The way it looks to me, WordPress has finally switched to the new publisher, without allowing me to choose to use the old one any more. That’s what I had always been fearing, ever since they introduced the new one. For me, it’ll mean at least a pause in blogging, if not an end, as I really don’t like to get used to a different publisher. We’ll see what the future brings and if I return.

Sie haben es getan

Wie mir scheint, hat WordPress nun endgültig den neuen Publisher installiert, ohne, wie bisher, die Möglichkeit der Auswahl zwischen dem alten und dem neuen anzubieten. Das ist es, was ich immer befürchtet hatte, seit sie den neuen Publisher eingeführt hatten. Für mich bedeutet das, weil ich einfach keine Lust habe, mich umzugewöhnen, zumindest eine Blogpause, wenn nicht das Ende meiner Blogs. Mal sehen, was die Zukunft bringt und ob ich wiederkomme.

So long, my friends.

Bis dann, meine Freunde.