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As If 100 Degrees Weren’t Enough

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Today I had the firepit going even with an outside temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit because I needed to burn wood that had become infected with oak wilt. Our Oakwilt Specialists of Texas people had told me, when they came … Continue reading


Independence Day 2019

Just like last year, I did not attend our parade here in Fredericksburg. So there are no pictures nor videos of that event. But I do have three short video clips of a quiet evening by the fire pit in … Continue reading



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I seem to be unable to catch up with all the goings-on I want to blog about. There’s way too much new stuff constantly coming up, plus important things other than blogging to do, and on top of it all … Continue reading


BBQ Season Opened

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Today, we started the bbq-season: Grillsaison eröffnet Heute haben wir die Grillsaison angefangen: The finished product: mouth-watering, isn’t it? Das “Endprodukt”: da läuft Einem das Wasser im Munde zusammen, oder? And as it was such a success, we decided to … Continue reading


Summer Solstice

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Spurred on by a tweet from Germany about a fire on the eve of summer solstice, I decided to have one here in our back yard, too. Here’s some of the pictures I took: Sommersonnenwende Angeregt durch einen Tweet aus … Continue reading


Gate to Nowhere

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When we were in Karnes City a few weeks ago, we brought back an old garden gate, and yesterday I out it up here in our back yard. Not that it serves its original purpose as a gate to walk … Continue reading


Vitex Blossomimg

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Our vitex [that it is “Mönchspfeffer” in German is something I’ve just  learned] is starting to blossom again and says “welcome” to our visitors: Blühender Mönchspfeffer Unser Mönchspfeffer [den Namen für “Vitex” habe ich gerade erst gelernt] fängt an zu … Continue reading