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Really Bad News from the Neighbourhood

Well, that’s not a continuance to my post about the possible subdivison across the street, but something really disturbing: Saturday night someone went around in the neighbourhood and took away all the Clinton/Kain signs, ours included, that had been put … Continue reading


The Copa Kings Performing in Fredericksburg

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Yesterday in the evening there was another of the summer concerts arranged by the PCAA [Pedernales Creative Arts Alliance] in the Adelsvereinshalle on the Marktplatz here in Fredericksburg. This time it was the Copa Kings, an Austin/TX-based jazz band that … Continue reading


Fundraising BBQ in Albert/TX

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Yesterday, in the evening, we drove to Albert, a very small community [population 7] in the neighbourhood, on Ranch Road 1623 between Stonewall and Blanco, which nowadays is known more for its historic dance hall [88 years old] than for … Continue reading


… means, you open the cold-water faucet and the water comes out (piping) hot, or warm at least, because the uninsulated pipe runs in the uninsulated wall, which has long hours of direct sunshine, and you have to run it … Continue reading


BBQ Continued

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Yesterday we did some pork chops on our new bbq pit, and they turned out good, too. A tad on the dry side, though. But then, pork chops very easily go dry when they’re being cooked. I’ll have to find … Continue reading



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Last weekend’s first attempts at barbeque went well: everything turned out not only just edible but tasty. I’m quite happy with what I did. Erfolg Meine ersten Gehversuche am vergangenen  Wochenende mit Grillen sind prima verlaufen: Alles war nicht einfach … Continue reading


This Old Pyromaniac

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Well, that’s ME!  😉  I’ve always been kind of fascinated by and playing around with fire ever since I was a child. It’s a wonder that I didn’t burn down the whole neighbourhood in my hometown of Linn.   😉  Many … Continue reading


Memorial Day Preparations

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Memorial Day here in the US is as much a day of memory as it is a day of gathering for BBQ. At least that’s what it looks like to me. So, since we didn’t have a barbeque pit up … Continue reading


Now I know where that phrase comes from, since we’ve been taken to the cleaners, literally. Well, actually we’ve taken ourselves to the cleaners, so to speak. What happened was this: about two weeks ago we took two quilted bedcovers … Continue reading


Yesterday, for the second time in a row, I mowed the lawn without bumping my head and scratching it bloody on one of the many  low-hanging branches! Definitely worth marking the calendar!  😉 Ich bin längst nicht mehr der Alte … Continue reading