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Crazy Me – Part 4 [Saturday and Sunday in South Bend]

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Well, I wouldn’t call these two days “crazy” at all. They were more like routine travelling-days, except for the fact that I spent all of that Saturday in my room and stayed in bed most of the time as once … Continue reading


Crazy Me – Part 1 [Travelling to the Soccer Match Dortmund vs. Liverpool in South Bend/IN]

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Why I am crazy? Because I actually, just to watch a soccer match, which I would have been able to watch on TV here [it was broadcast live] much better, flew/drove all the way up to South Bend/IN. Admittedly, it … Continue reading


Oh What Fun – Update

A few weeks ago I had posted here about our return from Palo Duro Canyon in temperatures of 105 degrees Fahrenheit while the A/C in the car was not working. Just an update here: it was a malfunctioning valve. That … Continue reading


15th Annual Masonic Car Show

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On Saturday, June 1st, we had this year’s Annual Masonic Car Show, the 15th as it was, on the Marktplatz. Here’s just a selection of the pictures I took: 15. Jährliche Freimaurer Auto Show Am Samstag, dem 1, Juni, hatten … Continue reading


Oh What Fun …

… it is to drive a car in temperatures of up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit without A/C,! In addition to that, our route took us nearly straight south, so that the sun shining directly onto the windshield created a veritable … Continue reading


Austin Airport …

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… finally has – after years of temporary make-shift “solutions” – a new cellphone parking lot, and it looks fantastic: Der Flughafen von Austin … … hat endlich – nach einem jahrelangen Provisorium – einen neuen Handy-Warteplatz, und der sieht … Continue reading


He who goes a-travellin’ …

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… will have something to narrate – as the old German saying goes. And once Pit, this old blabbermouth, has started rambling, this “something” soon grows into a novel. Well, not quite, but maybe half a novel or at least … Continue reading


Hill Country Antique Tractor & Machinery Show – Part 4 [Miscellanea]

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Before I finally come to the end with more (moving) big machinery, I’d like to show some miscellaneous items here – not exactly tractors or vintage machinery, but related anyway: Hill Country Antike Traktor und Maschinen Schau – Teil 4 … Continue reading


Annual Masonic Car Show

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Today we’re having this event – the Annual Masonic Car Show – again on the Marktplatz, for the 13th time now: Alljährliche Autoschau der Freimaurer Heute haben wir diese Veranstaltung – die jährliche Autoschau organisiert von der örtlichen Freimaurerloge-  zum … Continue reading


New Car

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Well, actually it’s not a “new” car – only new to us – as it is a used one. To buy a completely new one would have taxed our financial resources more than we would have liked just now. Our … Continue reading