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Southwest 2019: Grand Canyon [Just Pictures]

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As I said in my previous post, here are more pictures of our trip to the Grand Canyon. Let’s start with the depot of the Grand Canyon Railway in Williams: Südwesten: Grand Canyon 2019 [nur Bilder] Wie ich im vergangenen … Continue reading


Southwest 2019: Our Day at the Grand Canyon

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This day, Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2019, had a long day in store for us, a trip to the Grand Canyon, and therefore a very early rise. We were to leave our hotel at 7AM, which, in turn, meant that got … Continue reading


Albuquerque 2018: Sprawling City w/ a Beautiful Old Town

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On the next morning, after a good breakfast, we went to see the historic city centre of Albuquerque, around the old plaza, in the middle of which a Mariachi Band was playing, … Albuquerque 2018: Ausgedehnte Stadt mit schönem altem … Continue reading


“Hamilton” at the Majestic

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Two weeks ago we went to see the musical “Hamilton” at the Majestic Theatre in San Antonio. When I was asked what the musical was like, my answer was: “different!” One really needs to get used to the fact that … Continue reading


RailTrailsRoadTrip 2018 – Day 19 [Memphis/TN: The Pyramid]

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After visiting the music studios we drove – as I already wrote in my previous post – to The Pyramid, as it’s referred to by the locals, a landmark visible from various directions and from far away, … RailTrailsRoadTrip 2018 … Continue reading


RailTrailsRoadTrip 2018 – Day 18 [Bicycling in Memphis/TN]

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On this, our first full day in Memphis, we had planned to tick off our 10+ miles of bicycling in Tennessee. We had decided on the Wolf River Greenway, … RailTrailsRoadTrip 2018 – Tag 18 [Radeln in Memphis/Tennessee] An diesem, … Continue reading


RailTrailsRoadTrip 2018 – Day 16 [Big Four Bridge and Falls of the Ohio: Background Information]

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RailTrailsRoadTrip 2018 – Tag 16 [Big Four Bridge und Falls of the Ohio: Hintergrundinformation] The Big-Four Bridge is a truss bridge with six spans which connects Louisville/KY with Jeffersonville on the other side of the Ohio in Indiana. Die Big-Four … Continue reading


RailTrailsRoadTrip 2018 – Day 16 [Our Ten+ Miles in Indiana (Jeffersonville)]

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As you, dear readers of my blog, meanwhile certainly know, it is Mary’s goal and mine to bicycle at least 10+ miles in every state of the US, and that’s why our choice for Kentucky was Louisville: here it just … Continue reading


Remodelling …

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… our old house in Karnes City: Renovierung … … unseres alten Hauses in Karnes City: Ever since in 2014 we moved to Fredericksburg the old place in Karnes City [actually in Karnes County, 2 miles out of the city … Continue reading


RailTrailsRoadTrip 2018 – Day 14 [Goshen/OH to Louisville/KY]

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On Tuesday, May 29, we intended to get on the road again, from Goshen/OH to our next stop for sightseeing and bicycling, Louisville/KY. We had chosen Louisville because that city gave us the opportunity to at the same time add … Continue reading