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It’s Certain: We Have Five …

… Bambis on the property. Es ist sicher: Wir haben fünf … … Bambis auf dem Grundstück. Last night I thought I was counting five fawns together with their mamas, aunts, and uncles. So I went out for pictures and … Continue reading


Bambis and Their Mamas

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It’s taken a long time for the mamas to show us their babies, and there are way fewer than last year when there were 8, but finally the fawns have appeared. There are only just 4 [one set of twins … Continue reading


Surprise in the Morning

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Well, actually I should no longer be surprised to discover fawns in our backyard, shouldn’t I? But still, when at some time this morning I looked out of our patio doors, I saw something lying in the grass of which … Continue reading


1 1/2 Hours in 20 Seconds

My first time-lapse video of the deer in our garden: this afternoon I tried to do this, a time-lapse video, for the first time. It was taken between 5PM and 6:30PM, part of it with the deer being fed. Not … Continue reading


Meanwhile in the Back Yard

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Tonight we had a total of 6 fawns in the garden. I could not get all of them into one picture, though. Neither in the stills I took nor in the video. Here there are 4, to begin with: Zwischenzeitlich … Continue reading


Precious Moments: Fawns, (Adult) Deer and a Wild Turkey in Our Back Yard

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While we were gone on our “RailTrailsRoadTrip” [more about that here at a later time], we really missed the “zoo”, especially the fawns that we know would be born, in our yard. So, after our return, we were happy to … Continue reading