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They’re Not Fighting … Yet

For the last few days I have seen two bucks in out back yard, (still) grazing amiably side by side. So, I conclude, they’re not (yet) in rut as I assume they would fight each other then. Once in a … Continue reading


Now That’s a Late-Comer!

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This evening, just a few minutes ago, we saw this fairly young fawn in our backyard: Das ist aber mal ein später Nachkömmling! Heute Abend, gerade vor ein paar Minuten, haben wir dieses relativ junge Rehkitz in unserem Garten gesehen: … Continue reading


Three Mature Bucks in the Yard

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I had seen them before, and even got a video – albeit of a very poor quality – of them, but a few days ago I got another chance for pictures of all three together in our back yard: Drei … Continue reading


Mature Bucks

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The clearest sign, to my mind, of approaching autumn – besides a clear drop in the nightly temperatures – is the appearance of mature bucks in our yard. They first showed up – singly or up to three at a … Continue reading


Twin Fawns

Well, I believe they’re twins: very close to each other in size, and one mama with them only. I had seen them before, but too short only and too far away to really get them on camera. Today, though, I … Continue reading


First Video This Year of a Fawn

Well, we kept hoping it was going to happen, and today there was the happy moment: I was able to capture a fawn and his mama on video! Of course, I don’t know which one it was. Perhaps neither of … Continue reading


Update [#1] on the Fawn(s)

When I came home from a bike ride this afternoon, upon entering the driveway I noticed a mama deer with a fawn in the garden. And then, to my utter delight, I saw what I think were twins: just two … Continue reading


Our First Fawn of the Year

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When we had seen some does on our property lately that were heavy with fawns, … Unser erstes Rehkitz des Jahres Immer wenn wir in den vergangenen Tagen hochträchtige Rehe in unserem Garten gesehen haben, … … we knew it … Continue reading


Our Fawn with the Broken Leg …

… [I wrote about it a few days ago here] is finally out of its misery and pain. Late Friday afternoon we found it dead under a cedar tree in our back yard. That morning I had talked with one … Continue reading

Sometimes …

… it can be sad to have deer in the yard. For more than a week now, ever since we returned from our trip, we have had a crippled fawn in our backyard. One of her hind legs is broken, and she just manages to hobble around, with the lower part of the legs just dangling. It’s such a sad sight. Today I went to our vet, to ask what can be done, and she told me that I need to contact our county’s game warden. Either he would come by and shoot the poor animal outright, or give her [our vet] permission to come by, anaesthetize the deer with a dart gun, examine it and decide if something can be done or if it will have to be put down anyway. A very difficult decision for us! Well, tonight we haven’t reached a conclusion yet, but tomorrow we’ll have to come to one, I think, to prevent unnecessary pain for that poor creature – one way or the other.

Manchmal …

… kann es schon ganz schön hart sein, Rehe im Garten zu haben. Für mehr als eine Woche, seit wir von unserer Reise zurück sind, haben wir nämlich ein verkrüppeltes Kitz im Garten. Eines seiner Hinterbeine ist ganz offensichtlich gebrochen, und es humpelt auf drei Beinen herum, manchmal, aber ganz selten, auch das kranke Bein aufsetzend. Aber stehen kannn es darauf nicht. Der untere Teil dieses Beins baumelt lose. So ein trauriger Anblick! Heute war ich dann bei unserer Tierärztin, um zu fragen, ob man da etwas machen kann, und sie sagte mir, ich müsse unseren örtlichen Wildhüter kontaktieren. Der käme dann entweder vorbei, um das Kitz abzuschießen, oder er könnte ihr die Erlaubnis geben, vorbeizukommen, das Kitz mit einem Betäubungsgewehr zu anästhesieren und zu untersuchen, ob man etwas tun könne, oder es dann letztendlich doch eingeschläfert werden müsse. Eine ganz schön schwierige Entscheidung für uns. Heute haben wir noch keine getroffen. Wir wollen erst noch darüber schlafen. Aber morgen sollten wir uns schon darüber klar werden, um dem armen Tier unnötiges Leid zu ersparen – auf die eine oder andere Weise.