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Quick Surgery Update

The surgery – so-called as it was just poking a small hole in my back – went well and I am doing really fine. It was only a very short affair. About 4 hours after the beginning I was back … Continue reading



Keep your fingers crossed, please: shortly after noon today [Friday, Feb. 28] I will have a tumor in my left kidney removed. Krankenhaus Haltet mir bitte die Daumen: kurz nach Mittag heute [Freitag, 28. Feb.] wird mir ein Tumor in … Continue reading


Coffee Corner

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A few weeks ago, my coffee maker gave up its ghost (again), and some days later my coffee grinder went on the blink, too, so I got both new. The coffee maker is now a different brand [Braun], as the … Continue reading


I Have a New One – Update #2

When I previously wrote that my new Nikon A1000 has a serious glitch in that it sometimes without any rhyme or reason – as I mistakenly assumed – switches off its monitor, it was I that was in the wrong … Continue reading


Alaska Trip – Day 5 [Denali National Park #2: The Beauty of Denali – Just Pictures]

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Klick on any one of the pictures [twice] to be able to see them in full resolution. And now, let the pictures speak for themselves: Alaska Trip – Tag 5 [Denali Nationalpark #2: Die Schönheit von Denali – nur Bilder] … Continue reading


Alaska Trip – Day 5 [Denali NP #1: Bus Tour]

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Here it’s mostly text describing our bus tour, with some illustrative pictures. Nearly all the pictures of the gorgeous landscape will be shown in a separate post – without any text so as not to distract from the beauty of … Continue reading


Belated Birthday Lunch

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Yesterday, Mary had an appointment with her dermatologist in San Antonio, and as she still had a $25 gift card for her birthday from the Landry’s chain of restaurants we decided to take advantage of it and have some late … Continue reading


I Have a New One – Update

In the comments to my first post about the new camera, the Nikon Coolpix A1000, I already have some evaluation, but that is kind of moot now, as I have to send the camera back to Nikon for either repair … Continue reading


More Food

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I can’t help that this looks more and more like a foodie-blog, but here are a few more pictures of what we ate in the last few days. Noch mehr Essen Ich kann nichts dran ändern, dass dieses Blog mehr … Continue reading


Sunday Morning Breakfast …

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… of hash browns, smoked salmon, and fried eggs [sunny side up]: Sonntagsmorgenfrühstück Rösti, Räucherlachs und Spiegeleier [normal gebraten]: