An Addition to Our Household

We have a new Kitty!

Neuzugang in unserem Haushalt

Wir haben ein neues Kätzchen!

This morning, when I went into the garage to take care of my bicycle and the bicycle rack, I heard Savannah [she had, as usuak, come in with me] fussing and at the same time a faint whimpering. It seemed to come from under our trailer, and when I looked more closely, there it was: a new very young kitty. It must have snuck in sometime (late) yesterday, and the poor little baby had to spend the night without water and food. Well, I immediately got Savannah out, and then brough the little one food and water. Here’s the first picture:

Heute Morgen, als ich in die Garage ging, um mich um mein Fahrrad und den Radträger zu kümmern, hörte ich, wie Savannah [sie war, wie üblich, mit mir in die Garage gegangen] Ärger machte, und zur gleichen Zeit hörte ich ein zartes Wimmern. Es schien von unter unserem Anhänger her zu kommen, und als ich genauer hinschaute, da war es: ein noch ziemlich junges Kätzchen. Es muss sich gestern (spät am Tag) in die Garage geschlichen haben, und dann musste das arme kleine Ding die ganze Nacht dort ausharren, ohne Wasser und Essen. Nun ja, ich habe Savannah sofort aus der Garage herauskomplimentiert und für das kleine Kätzchen Wasser und Nahrung geholt. Und hier ist das erste Bild:

new kitty

New Kitty, Still Under the Trailer

Of course, I could not resist to shoot a (short) video:

Und natürlich konnte ich nicht widerstehen und musste ein (kurzes) Video aufnehmen:

Finally, here are two more pictures:

Zum Abschluss noch zwei weitere Bilder:

new kitty

I’m Happy to Have Food

new kitty

No, I don’t Ride Bicycles – I’m Just Exploring!

More to follow – of course!

Mehr kommt noch – aber natürlich!


39 responses to “An Addition to Our Household

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  2. Lucky kitty. She found cat heaven

  3. However she ended up with you, she’s a lucky kitty. I’ll be interested to hear what you name her.

    • Naming her – or him [we haven’t looked closely yet] – will be Mary’s “job”. She’s always good at it. We’ll also be trying to find out if she went missing somewhere in the neighbourhood. From her (good) looks she can’t have been on her own for long. But we can only do that next Friday, as tomorrow morning we’ll be leaving for Palo Duro Canyon [till Wednesday], and on Thursdau we have doctor’s appointments in San Antonio.

  4. What a cutie! She sure is lucky to have your garage.

  5. Congratulations on the new addition. She is so sweet. If she’s lost, you can be sure someone is missing her. If not, she has found a good place.

    • Thanks, Anneli. As said to Linda, we’ll be trying to find out if she went missing somewhere in the neighbourhood. From her (good) looks she can’t have been on her own for long

  6. What a cute little thing! I am looking forward to read and see more of her!

  7. She is so lucky! She had a fun self tour there. 🙂

    • She still is a littl scared, but she’ll get acquainted to her new surroundings. We’ll keep her in the house in our bathroom, so she’ll not be with the other kitties, until we’re back from Palo Duro Canyon. A friend of ours will take care of her – and the others while we’re away.

  8. Eine schöne Tiergeschichte, mit einem guten Ausgang für das Kätzchen.
    LG Jürgen

  9. Little one did explore quite thoroughly, eh? Cute addition.

  10. Ohhh und so eine süße kleine Katze! Die wird sich bei euch bestimmt sehr wohl fühlen!

    • Das tut sie jetzt schon. Wir ueberlegen aber, ob wir nicht mal in der Nachbarschaft rumfragen sollen, ob sie irgendwo vermisst wird.

  11. Oh what a cutie! And so lucky to have found you and Mary!

    We were in Boerne last week. A whirlwind visit for a special family event. I could not look you up as the 3 days we were there … there were events planned for all!

    Next time when we stay longer, we will look you both up.

    • Well, we really likethe kitten, but we might still ask around in the neighbourhood if someone misses it.
      Would have been nice to meet, but maybe next time you’re in Boerne. I know how somtimes these visits are crammed.

  12. Helmut Hartmann

    Süß, Euer neuer Mitbewohner. Und im Fahrradschuppen schon heimisch.
    HG Helmut

  13. Not just exploring, but LOUDLY exploring! Adorable.

  14. Aww, such a sweet little kitty. Loved the mews.

  15. Sie hat sich auf alle Fälle die richtige Familie ausgesucht ❤

  16. Awwwww, ein Herzensbrecher ❤

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