First Blossoms

And now, as indicated in my last posting, some of the first blossoms in our garden in more detail/close-ups, first some Mexican Plums:

Erste Blüten

Und nun, wie im vorherigen Beitrag schon angekündigt, einige der ersten Blüten in unserem Garten im Detail/in Nahaufnahmen, zuerst einige Mexican Plums:

Klick on any one of the pictures in the galleries to see them in a slide show in full(er) resolution.

Ein Klick auf irgendeines dieser Bilder bringt es in höherer Auflösung in einer Diashow.

Redbud Blossoms

Redbud Blüten

And now it’s time to wait for other blossoms to come out, e.g. our Texas Mountain Laurels.

Und nun müssen wir einfach darauf warten, dass auch Anderes zu blühen anfängt, z.B. unsere Texas Mountain Laurel.

43 responses to “First Blossoms

  1. Wunderschöne Fotos, Pit! Herzlichen Glückwunsch 🙂

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  3. It looks beautiful! I love those water drops on the buds too.

  4. Spring blossoms really help kick us into high gear, don’t they? I also have plum (some red plum cultivar, not sure which), but they have been struggling. Our redbuds have finished the bloom-out and are now pushing green! Mountain laurels are something I dream about. The fragrance is DIVINE. Happy Spring to you, Pit!

    • Spring blossoms surely do. Our redbuds still have very niche blossoms, but those of the Mexican Plums have gone. Unfortunately our Mountain Laurels don’t show anything yet. I hope they’re only late.
      Talking of Redbuds: I’m so happy about the one in the front yard. A year after it had been planted it looked like it was gone. I hadn’t put a fence around it early enough and a buck had gotten at it, and it really looked like a goner to me. But then three new shoots appeared from the root area, and after some trimming very early this year it looks like we’ll be getting a great tree.
      Enjoy springtime, too,

  5. Wow…so lovely and so welcome. We’re behind you on the budding/blossoming thing by a few weeks. sigh

  6. The last picture made me think I was looking at little German figurines.

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  8. So schön zu sehen, dass es wieder losgeht! Nicht nur Austrieb von Grün – was ja auch schon tolll aussieht und uns Menschen ganz ordentlich Auftrieb nach dem Wintergrau gibt – aber dazu frühe Blüten und dann diese Farbenpracht! Wow!
    Pit, ich wünsche dir und deiner Frau noch ein schönes Wochenende!
    LG Michèle

  9. When I was in the hill country a couple of weeks — three weeks — ago, the buds on the mountain laurel were barely there. I called my friend today to check, and she said they’re ready to open, but haven’t yet. I’ve read in several places that they’re in full bloom in Austin and etc. — perhaps because of the ‘heat island’ effect of the urban environment.

    • That was way too early then. At that time there were some farther south of San Antonio, but not here. It should be soon, though. I need to check the Willow City Loop.
      You may be right that in Austin there’s a warmer (city) environment that makes them blossom earlier.
      Have a great weekend,

  10. More blooms every week. These are so beautiful, well captured!

    • Good morning, Amy!
      Yes. more blossoms every week. But then, these here will soon be gone. Can’t be helped. Hopefully we’ll get some wildflowers soon.
      Have a great weekend,

  11. Helmut Hartmann

    Eine wunderbare Blütenpracht, die Du uns hier zeigst. Da kommt Freude auf und das Auge lacht. Danke Pit für diese Farben.
    HG Helmut

    • Hallo Helmut,
      ja, diese Baeume – bzw. Baeumchen, noch – sind schon ganz praechtig anzusehen. Es sind unsere ersten Fruehjahsrblueher. Leider geht diese Pracht viel zu schnell vorbei. Aber dann sind ja diese Bilder eine schoene Erinnerung. Schoen, dass ich Dr damit eine Freude gemacht habe.
      Liebe Gruesse, und hab’ ein feines Wochenende,

  12. Frühlingserwachen☺ – bei uns kommen nach den Schneeglöckchen und Krokussen die Forsythie. Deine Blüten kenne ich nicht. Bekommen die auch Früchte?
    LG Andrea

  13. Beautiful! Especially the water drop pictures.

  14. The Mountain Laurels are in full bloom here.

  15. You are making me so jealous!🙂

  16. What a beautiful, long-awaited sight!

  17. Das ist er doch … der kommende Frühling.

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