Meanwhile in the Back Yard

Tonight we had a total of 6 fawns in the garden. I could not get all of them into one picture, though. Neither in the stills I took nor in the video. Here there are 4, to begin with:

Zwischenzeitlich im Garten

Heute Abend hatten wir insgesamt 6 Kitze im Garten. Ich habe sie allerdings nicht alle zusammen auf’s Bild bekommen – weder in den Fotos noch in den Videos. Hier sind schon mal 4:


4 Fawns – 1 Was Scampering around Elsewhere

And here’s #6, one I’ve never seen before. It is much bigger than the others, so it must have been born (way) earlier:

Und hier ist #6, eines, das ich vorher noch nie gesehen habe. Es ist ein ganzes Stück größer als die anderen, muss also eine Zeit früher geboren sein:


The (Bigger) Newcomer

And now the video: near the beginning you can see the deer fighting for food, and somewhere around the middle it is – unfortunately – blurry as I’m trying to zoom in and still follow that little one scampering around ever so fast:

Und nun das Video: ziemlich zu Anfang sieht man, wie sie ums Futter kämpfen, und irgendwo nahe der Mitte des Videos ist es – leider- sehr unscharf, weil ich versucht hatte, reinzuzoomen und dem Kleinen zu folgen, während es im Garten herumflitzte:


Viel Spass!

22 responses to “Meanwhile in the Back Yard

  1. Fabulous! 🙂 🙂

  2. Das Kleine, das da zwischendurch rumflitzt, ist lustig 🙂

  3. Holy cow! That’s quite the herd dropping in! 🦌 Very envious of your ‘deer TV.’

    • Yes, we have had quite a few here lately, day in, day out. And I’d possible call it “NV” [= Nearvision”] 😉 . They come ever so close. This morning I saw them grazing just in front of the kitchen window: the mother browsing on leaves from a bush we have there, the fawns eating our ground cover. Unfortunately, I wasn’t fast enough with the camera. Well, it wouldn’t have been great shots anyway, through the windows and the blinds. And from long experience I know I can’t open the front door not go around the house: the very first moment they sense me, they’re gone like the wind. So I just watchged – in great amazement.

  4. Helmut Hartmann

    Sehr schön das Video.

  5. Thank you for sharing the video! What a treat to watch the deer, cute fawns, and bird in your beautiful backyard while I’m having my morning coffee. 🙂 🙂

  6. What great captures, Pit. You had a whole herd there!

  7. Such an amazing thing to be able to watch at home.

  8. Das ist eine Foto. Gartenstühle fast neben den Rehen.

  9. How wonderful for you to have them in your yard!

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