We Had a Strange Sky Last Night

There was an interesting ring of clouds around the moon. The pictures are quite grainy, but I think they still give a good impression of what things looked like:

Wir hatten einen seltsamen Himmel gestern Abend

Es hatte einen interessanten Ring von Wolken um den Mond. Die Bilder sind reichlich körnig, aber ich glaube, sie geben dennoch einen guten Eindruck davon, wie der Himmel aussah:

46 responses to “We Had a Strange Sky Last Night

  1. Das war ein himmlischer Adventskranz. Schöne Grüße zum 1. Advent.
    LG Jürgen

  2. Celestial celebrations! 🙂 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying Advent, Pit. Very best wishes to you and Mary.

    • Thanks, Jo. 🙂
      Like I said to Juergen above, who had nearly the same idea: I had never thought of that, but it is very fitting. We’re enjoying our advent, with all the lights etc.
      Best wishes to you, too,
      Pit & Mary

  3. Ja, das sieht fantastisch aus. So habe ich das noch nie gesehen.
    Viele Grüße zum 1. Advent

  4. And we had a gorgeous moon setting this morning. The skies can be quite interesting!

  5. Ich kenne das als Halo, auch bei wesentlich weniger Wolken. Ja, beeindruckend, sehr beeindruckend.

  6. Rings around the moon are common, but I don’t remember seeing something quite like this. It’s pretty, and very interesting. I grew up being told that counting the number of stars inside the ring foretell the number of days until rain. From your photos here, I can’t see any stars — maybe you should find your umbrella!

    • I know about rings around the moon, but I had always thought they were closer and not that large.
      Thanks for the information about rain. We need some badly. I would happily get umbrella plus anorak out! 😀 Well, we still have some chance [75%] on Wednesday.

      • I confess I checked Weather Underground for your area, and it does look promising. My favorite forecaster here says the wet stuff is sinking south and west, so your chances are improving.

        • So you use Weather Underground, too? That’s one of my first checks in the mornings, when I’m at the computer. Even before checking my emails.

          • I do, from time to time. I depend mostly on this NWS site for current conditions, and UNYSIS for longer term. At least for my area, WU tends to be less accurate than UNYSIS.

            When all else fails, I check out the sky. 🙂

            • One of my little spelling quirks got me. That should be UNISYS.

              • Thanks for the info. What I like about WU is that they have quite a few local weather stations, that show me the actual conditions just a mile or two away from our place. I agree that they’re not always too exact. What I noticed about their precipitation forecasts: the longer away they still are, the better the chances they give, but they usually dimish the closer tha respective day comes.

  7. Interesting. My grandfather used to call this condition a “wet moon.” This meant rain soon. Thanks for the photos

  8. I thought that was Saturn, that had the rings.
    It’s a neat effect. I’d noticed the moon looked quite large, and saw in the paper, that this is a “supermoon” so I suppose the tides will be a bit higher. But I didn’t know this about a “wet moon” predicting rain

  9. Helmut Hartmann

    In kalten Winternächten habe ich ihn schon öfter so gesehen. Faszinierend dieses Naturschauspiel.
    Gestern hattest Du optimale Mondbeingungeen.
    Denn heute 03.12.2018 ist der grösste Vollmond des Jahres. Letzter grösserer Vollmond war am 14.11.2016. Nächster grösserer Vollmond ist bereints in einem Monat, am 2.1.2018.

    Der Abstand des Ringes beträgt 22°
    Liebe Grüße

    • Danke fuer die Erlaeuterungen und den Link, lieber Helmut! 🙂 Dass wir den groessten Supermond in diesem Jahr haben, das wusste ich. Aber nicht, dass der naechste schon so bald ist.

  10. Bei uns heisst es, wenn sich so ein Halo zeigt, dass sich das Wetter ändert – tolle Aufnahemn, lieber Pit!

  11. Those are interesting – I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything like it!

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  13. In der Tat sehr speziell, fast wie eine Spirale aus Wolken um den Mond. Sieht toll aus!

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