Autumn Certainly Has Arrived, …

… even if, at 81 Fahrenheit this afternoon, it didn’t exactly feel like it. But the trees in our garden do show it:

Der Herbst ist mit Sicherheit eingetroffen, …

… auch wenn, mit 27 Grad heute Nachmittag, es sich nicht unbedingt so angefühlt hat. Aber die Bäume in unserem Garten zeigen es doch schon sehr deutlich:

The coloured leaves are very likely due to the two nights with frost we’ve had so far. Other than that, it was only the overcast weather plus some drizzle we sometimes had that reminds us of autumn. It’s going to be somewhat colder again soon, and maybe we’ll get some rain, when the next cold front comes through.

Die bunten Blätter verdanken wir ganz bestimmt den beiden Frostnächten, die wir bisher hatten. Darüber hinaus war es nur der bedeckte Himmel und gelegentlich ein ganz klein wenig Nieselregen, was uns an Herbst erinnert hat. Es soll allerdings bald wieder (etwas) kälter werden, und vielleicht bekommen wir auch etweas Regen, wenn die nächste Kaltfront durchzieht.

27 responses to “Autumn Certainly Has Arrived, …

  1. Such a gorgeous time of year. Enjoy all that autumnal splendor. 🍁

  2. Eve gathered some reddening oak leaves when we went walking in southeast Burnet County this afternoon. On the whole, though, we found very little fall color. Seems like this probably won’t be a great autumn for color, given how little cold weather we’ve had.

    • With our maples – and these ar the only ones that might turn their colours – it was more like the leaves drying up and falling that them turning their colours.

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  4. I think our cold snap is coming tomorrow but it is still in the 80s and humid but with beautiful fall foliage. We are all terribly allergic to something so looking forward to the cold.

  5. We definitely have had some seasonal highs here in Texas.

  6. Ah, fall – you are missed up here in the northern parts of the country!

  7. It seems warmer this fall. I’ve been wearing summer cloth and sandals this week.May be cooler this weekend. 🙂

    • It really seems way too warm for this time of the year. I rememebr that Austin had some record highs [88 I believe] lately. We certainly are keeping our fingers crossed for cooler weather and a real winter.

  8. Na toll. Ich war gestern bei 1° Celsius unterwegs… 34° F
    Geniesse die für uns Mitteleuropäer sommerlichen Temperaturen!
    Liebe Grüsse nach TX

  9. Herbst bei 27°
    Unglaublich. Ihr habt es gut. Aber dabei wird es sicher nicht bleiben.
    LG Jürgen

    • Ja, so ist das Wetter/Klima nun einmal in “Suth Central Texas”, wie es offiziell heisst. Viel wird sich uebrigens – leider – nicht daran aendern. Es soll zwar etwas kuehler werden, aber in den naechsten Tagen tagsueber immer noch 15 Grad und mehr, und auch des nachts nicht unter 5 Grad. Und (viel) Regen werden wir auch nicht zu erwarten haben: Oktober, November und Dezember sind hier normalerweise ziemlich trockene Monate. Auch die langfristigen Aussichten fuer diesen Winter sind eher zu wenig Regen. Hoffentlich wird es aber wenigstens einmal richtig kalt, fuer laengere Zeit. Im vergangenen Winter hatten wir gerade einmal ein paar Tage mit (leichtem) Frost.
      Liebe Gruesse, und hab’ ein feines Wochenende,

  10. I’ve been keeping an eye on the bulletins from Lost Maples, and a couple of days ago they said, “The next 7-10 days will be peak.” What that means is hard to say, because friends in Kerrville, Medina, and Camp Wood are still seeing mostly green. But there’s a front on the way, so maybe it will happen.

    I’m hoping to head that direction over the weekend. It’s still iffy if I can get away, but I’m certainly going to try.

    • Thanks for the update. Next week, from Thursday on, it’s supposed to be sunny. Maybe that will allow me to go there. But then, that’s Thanksgiving. So it will very likely be a zoo there.
      If you head that direction, maybe you could swing by here?

      • Good morning! I’ve been in your area and am back home now, but my time was so limited on this two-day trip, a visit just didn’t seem in the cards. I did decide that I’m going to come back and spend at least a long weekend at the Willow City loop and Enchanted Rock, so there will be a little more time for visiting. I’d love to have a cup of coffee at least with you and Mary, so after the first of the year, I’ll let you know when I’ll be up in that area again.

        And, yes: it was a zoo at Lost Maples. We never even got in. When we arrived on Monday at 10 a.m., the police were keeping everyone out until noon. I don’t know why. But I’d forgotten that many school districts had the entire week as vacation, and the crowds were substantial.

        Not only that, the trees played a trick on us all, and decided color wasn’t in the cards. Many have dropped their leaves. It does seem to me that the hillsides, especially the oaks, will begin putting on a show after these next two fronts — maybe in a week or ten days. It’s always iffy, but great when we can catch them.

        Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mary!

        • Thanks for the update on the Lost Maples. 🙂 I’ve been postponing the trip for a while, and just this morniong had been thinking of checking their website. But maybe it won’t be worth while to drive there this year.
          As to meeting some time (early) next year: that would be great! The Willow City Loop is marvellous, but that would not be too early next year. One would have to see, but at its best it is usually at the end of March and beginning of April. Enchanted Rock, on the other hand, is worth while at any time of the year. Well, we’ll see.
          Have a Happy Thanksgiving, too!

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