Galveston 2017 – Impressions #3 [The Bishop’s Palace]

When in Galveston, the Bishop’s Palace, aka Gresham’s Castle for it’s first owner, is an absolute must. It was built in the Victorian Style in between 1887 and 1893 for Walter Gresham, a local lawyer and politician,  and his family. Built completely of stone it was sturdy enough to withstand the devastating hurricane of 1905. In 1923 the Roman Catholic Diocese of Galveston acquired the house as a residence for Bishop Byrne. Nowadays, the diocese offices having been moved to Houston, the house is owned by the Galveston Historical Foundation. I highly recommend the self-guided audio tour they provide.

Galveston 2017 – Eindrücke #3 [Der Bischofspalast]

Wenn man in Galveston ist, dann ist der Bischofspalast ein absolutes Muss. Nach seinem ersten Besitzer, dem Politiker und Rechtsanwalt Walter Gresham, der es zwischen 1887 und 1893 für sich und seine Familie im viktorianischen Stil erbauen liess, wird es auch “Gresham’s Burg” genannt. Es ist komplett aus Stein erbaut, wodurch es sogar den verheerenden Hurrikan von 1905 überstand. Im Jahre 1923 wurde es von der römisch-katholische Diözese von Galveston für den damaligen Bischof Byrne erworben. Heutzutage, nachdem die Diözesanbüros nach Houston verlegt worden sind, ist es im Besitz der Galveston Historical Foundation. Eine selbst-geführte Audiotour ist hochgradig zu empfehlen.

Unfortunately I have no information here about the various rooms. So I’m just showing the pictures – the outside first:

Leider habe ich hier keine Informationen über die einzelnen Räume. Daher zeige ich dann ganz einfach die Bilder – zuerst die Außenansicht:

The rooms:

Die Zimmer:

They have some absolutely exquisite stained glass windows there, made, btw, by the German firm Glasmalerei Oidtmann in Linnich, the oldest glas-painting firm in Germany:

Es hat da einige absolut exquisite Glasmalerei Fenster, die übrigens von der Glasmalerei Oidtmann in Linnich, der ältesten Glasmalerei Deutschlands, hergestellt wurden:

Move the cursor over a picture to see the caption. A click on any of the pictures in the gallery will open a slide show. Those views will also allow you to read some of the exif-data, to see the picture in higher resolution, and to leave a comment.

Um die Bildunterschrift zu sehen genügt es, den Cursor über ein Bild zu bewegen. Ein Klick auf eines der Bilder in der Galerie öffnet diese dann als Diashow. Diese Ansichten erlauben es, die Exif-Daten zum Bild einzusehen,  das jeweilige Bild in höherer Auflösung zu betrachten und auch einen Kommentar zu hinterlassen.

20 responses to “Galveston 2017 – Impressions #3 [The Bishop’s Palace]

  1. Very beautiful! I’ll be visiting this 😁

  2. I’ll definitely recommend this one to my parents!

  3. What a spectacular ‘Schloss.’

  4. Goodness, what a place, Pit! 🙂 🙂
    Hope you’re enjoying a pleasant weekend.

  5. Nice post! Almost feel like I was there myself!

    • Glad you like the post, Mary. Maybe you’ll make it there some time.
      Thanks, btw, for your comments on my blog(s). I wish I could comment on yours. I’ve tried and tried, but the comments simply disappear. 😦
      Have a great weekend,

  6. Wow, what a blast! 🙂 I’ve never heard of this house before, has to be one of the most exuberant and whimsical Victorians I’ve ever seen. And terrific album you’ve put together.

    • It’s certainly a gorgeous place, Robert. Am glad you like the photo-tour. I wish I had more information to put in for each picture. Maybe another time. I’m pretty sure we’ll be back there some time.

  7. I’m not keen on so much dark wooden panelling, but the windows are fabulous as is the exterior.

  8. What a building! The architecture is amazing.

  9. Wow, how impressive! Both inside and outside are well maintained.
    Thank you for the fabulous tour. Great photos, Pit.

    • I agree, Amy: it’s very impressive and well maintained. Glad you liked the pictures. Those inside had to be worked over, though. The originals were way too dark.

  10. We have wanted to see Galveston for some time but always seem to travel further north through Texas. When we do get there, the Bishop’s Place will be on our list to see.

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