RailTrailsRoadTrip – Day 16 [Supper at the “Black Crow”]

For our last evening in Beatrice/NE we decided to go and have supper at the “Black Crow“, a restaurant that had been recommended to us by a woman I met just when I stopped on my ride towards the motel.

RailTrailsRoadTrip – Tag 16 [Abendessen im “Black Crow”]

Für unseren letzten Abend in Beatrice entschlossen wir uns, zum Abendessen ins “Black Crow” zu gehen, ein Restaurant das mir zwei Tage zuvor bei einem kurzen Stopp auf dem Weg zum Motel empfohlen worden war.

To say it just here at the beginning: it was a very good restaurant and we thoroughly enjoyed our dinner there – a very good recommendation! And now let me simply quote Mary from her diary:

Um gleich damit anzufangen: es war ein wirklich gutes Restaurant und wir haben dieses Abendessen richtig genossen – eine wirklich gute Empfehlung! Und jetzt möchte ich einfach Mary aus ihrem Tagebuch zitieren:

“[At] about 5:30 we go to the Black Crow for dinner – on Court St. here in Beatrice. It’s nicely decorated – linen tablecloths on tables, subdued lighting, and smooth oldie music playing in background. Pit orders sausage gumbo soup for appetizer and I order Cajun shrimp. For entree Pit orders a beefsteak mushroom ravioli and I order an 8 oz. sirloin and garlic mashed potatoes. We both enjoy salad, Pit with ranch dressing, me with the house vinagrette. Pit has ice-cream sundae with walnuts for dessert and I have flourless chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream. Pit enjoys 2 glasses of Malbec wine with meal.”

“[Gegen] ungefähr 5:30 Uhr fahren wir zum Black Crow zum Abendessen – auf der Court Street hier in Beatrice. Es ist ansprechend hergerichtet – Leinentischdecken auf den Tischen, gedämpftes Licht, und sanfte Oldie Musik spielt im Hintergrund. Pit bestellt Sausage Gumbo Suppe als Vorspeise und ich bestelle Cajun Shrimps. Als Hauptgericht bestellt Pit Beefsteak Ravioli und ich bestelle ein 8 Unzen Sirloin Steak mit Knoblauch-Kartoffelpüree. Wir beide genießen den Salat, Pit mit Ranch Dressing und ich mit der Haus-Vinaigrette. Pit hat ein Eiscreme-Sundae mit Walnüssen als Dessert und ich habe einen mehllosen Schokoladekuchen mit Vanille-Eis. Pit genießt zwei Glas Malbec Wein zusammen mit seinem Essen.”

And now the pictures:

Und nun die Bilder:

We thoroughly enjoyed that dinner. Back at the motel, we went to bed early as we wanted to leave by 8:30 the next morning, for our long trip to Oklahoma City, the first leg of our way back home to Fredericksburg.

Wir haben diesen Abend außerordentlich genossen. Zurück im Motel sind wir recht früh schlafen gegangen, weil wir am nächsten Tag schon gegen 8:30 los wollten, für unsere längere Fahrt nach Oklahoma City, der ersten Etappe unserer Rückreise nach Fredericksburg.



29 responses to “RailTrailsRoadTrip – Day 16 [Supper at the “Black Crow”]

  1. I am always amazed at the portions in the midwest. The meal looked terrific.

  2. Yum! I would bicycle quite a ways to earn this meal! 🙂

  3. Such a delicious dinner! Great photos, Pit. 🙂

    • It certainly was a delicious dinner and a good end of our roadtrip. Well, not quite the end yet, but the remaining (two) days were just travelling back home.
      The photos are just average, though, I think. When I take pictures of our food, it’s more or less just documenting what we had and what the food looked like. I don’t care too much about the quality.
      When I prepared this blog post, I was thinking I should have taken pictures of the restaurant, too. It looked so nice.

  4. Sounds like a good, solid meal!

  5. Hi Pit, das sieht sehr lecker aus 🙂 Liebe Grüße aus dem Regen, Annette

    • Es war auch lecker, sehr lecker. Und ein prima Ambiente. Ein wuerdiger Abschluss dieser Tour. Auch wenn es nicht der allerletzte Tag war, sondern wir noch zwei Tage gebraucht haben, um wieder nachhause zu kommen. Aber es war der letzte “Radeltag” – auch wenn das nicht so geplant war. Wir hatte noch einen Tag zum Radeln in Oklahoma City eingeplant, aber da ging es mir so mies [warum weiss ich nicht], dass wir darauf verzichtet haben.
      Apaopos Regen: du hast wirklich gut geschoben. Wir hatte hier zwei Mal guten Regen. Es hat richtig geschuettet. Aber Ihr seid ja wohl fast ersoffen.
      Liebe Gruesse,

  6. Goodness, I feel full and I never ate a mouthful. 🙂 🙂 Safe onward journey!

  7. Oh, that looks like comfort food!

  8. How did these last two episodes come to appear so much later than the earlier ones? Did other things intervene that you wanted to talk about before they got too old? That has happened to me: I could easily have shown more pictures from our Southwest trip last fall and New Zealand trip early this year, but I didn’t want to delay subsequent things from Texas too much.

    In any case, we’ve both been to Nebraska in the past year, even if different parts of the state. Was that your first time there, as it was for us?

    • Hi Steve,
      It’s because some time in February I got too frustrated with WordPress [] because my comments on quite a few other blogs didn’t go through. I even lost the fun of writing here. That lasted for quite some time. Only in May [] I took up blogging again, even if the problems hadn’t [and haven’t] been solved. And then there were a lot of other things I wanted to write about.
      But now – we’re planning our next “RailTrailRoadTrip” [to SC to watch the solar eclipse] – I decided I needed to finish blogging about the last one before we start the new one.
      It was my first time to Nebraska, and it was only close to the southern border [with Kansas]. We just wanted to add 10 miles on the bicycle(s) in that state, and for that Beatrice was ideal. It allowed us 10 miles in Nebraska, 10 in Iowa, and 10 in Kansas. Doing 10 miles in each of the Lower 48 is one item on our bucket list, and that “RailTrailsRoadTrip” added 7.
      Have a wonderful day,

  9. Yes, I remember your WordPress ordeal. I’d forgotten that it occurred near the end of this series.

    I have no particular distance that I want to cover in each state, just to visit some part of it. I added South Dakota and Nebraska on this latest trip, so now the only states that remain are North Dakota and Alaska.

    • 10 miles on the bicycle seemd to be a nice doable distance. But we usually do (much) more. If I counted correctly, I had 12 on my scoresheet now, and my wife has 17. So we have along way to go still. And it becomes moe difficult all the time as the states we “need” are further and further away from TX.

  10. Das klingt verlockend Pit und sieht auch noch so aus 🙂

  11. Looks like an enjoyable dinner alright.. And quite some ice-cream! 🙂

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