RailTrailsRoadTrip – Day 16 [Homestead Trail/NE]

It’s been a long, long time since I last wrote about our RailTrailsRoadTrip in October 2016, but I think it’s really high time to finish this (before we go on another one in August this year).

RailTrailsRoadTrip – Tag 16 [Homestead Trail, Iowa]

Es ist nun wirklich schon sehr lange her, dass ich zum letzten Mal über unseren “RailTrailsRoadTrip” im Oktober 2016 berichtet habe, und ich denke, es ist höchste Zeit [bei “RailTrails” wäre das umgangssprachliche “höchste Eisenbahn” auch ganz passend], dass ich diesen Gesamtbericht zu Ende bringe.

Alright, here we go:

Also dann, los:

On this, our 16th day, we were still in Beatrice/NE. Mary wanted to do part of the Chief Standing Bear Trail to get her 10 miles in Nebraska on the record, and I wanted to do the Homestead Trail – well, part of it only, as that trail runs for 40 miles all the way from Beatrice/NE to Lincoln/NE. Even if I had done the Chief Standing Bear Trail two days before, I decided to accompany her first and then, after returning to Beatrice, go on through town and do part of the Homestead Trail.

An diesem, unseren 16. Reisetag, waren wir immer noch in Beatrice/Nebraska. Mary wollte gerne – wenigsten zum Teil – den Chief Standing Bear Trail fahren, um ihre 10 Meilen in Nebraska einzusammeln, und ich wollte gerne den Homestaed Trail fahren – zum Teil wenigstens, denn der führt über mehr als 60 Kilometer von Beatrice in Nebraska nach Lincoln [ebenfalls in Nebraska]. Auch wenn ich den Chief Standing Bear Trail schon zwei Tage zuvor gefahren war, so wollte ich doch zunächst Mary auf diesem Radweg begleiten und dann, wieder in Beatrice, durch die Stadt zum Anfang des Homestead Trail radeln.

We started our bicycling at the Veterans Memorial Park, since from there we could connect to both trails:

Wir haben unsere Radtour im Veteranen Gedächtnis Park begonnen, weil wir von da beide Trails fahren konnten:

As I have a full post about the Chief Standing Bear Trail here, I’m only going to add two more pictures:

Da ich dem Chief Standing Bear Trail schon einen vollen Blogeintrag gewidmet habe, möchte ich hier nur noch zwei weitere Bilder zeigen:

Back at the Veterans Memorial Park I continued through the Riverside Park [Beatrice has quite a lot ofwonderful parks] to the beginning of the Homestead Trail near the former Burlington Railroad Passenger Staion:

Zurück im Veterans Memorial Park bin ich dann durch der Riverside Park [Beatrice hat eine erstaunliche Anzahl fantastischer Parks] zum Anfang des Homestead Trail gegenüber dem früheren Bahnhof der Burlington Railroad geradelt:

At this trailhead pavilion there were quite a few signs explaining the history of the area and the railrod:

An diesem Pavillon am Anfang des Radwegs gab es einige Hinweistafeln zur Geschichte der Gegend und der Eisenbahnlinie:

Let me finish with a few impressions of the Homestead Trail:

Abschließen möchte ich hier mit ein paar Eindrücken vom Homestead Trail:

And from here, where the Homestead Trail crosses Dorsey Street …

Und von hier, wo der Homestead Trail die Dorsey Street quert …


Intersection of Dorsey Street and Homestead Trail

… it wasn’t (too) far any more to our motel [in the background, at the end of the street]:

… war es nicht mehr (zu) weit bis zu unserem Motel [im Hintergrund, am Ende der Straße]:


The Victorian Inn at the End of Dorsey Street

29 responses to “RailTrailsRoadTrip – Day 16 [Homestead Trail/NE]

  1. Tolle Gegend. Gefällt mir Super … aus Fotografen Sicht.

    • Alle die Rail Trails [Eisenbahnradwege heissen die, glaube ich, in Deustchland] waren landschaftlich grossartig und haben uns sehr gefallen – aus fotografischer UND radlerischer Scht. [Zwei meiner Bilder habe ich uebrigens im Format 45×60 Zntimeter professionell ausdrucken und rahmen lassen und hier an die Wand gehaengt.] Es gibt eine Menge von diesen Radwegen in den uSA, leider aber nicht in Texas, sodass wir dafuer etwas weit fahren muessen. Trotzdem ist es im August wieder so weit. Dann geht es auf zur Sonnenfinsternis.

  2. I hadn’t known of Beatrice or the DeRoin Trail, very interesting, and of course, in high school, we learned of Pres. Lincoln’s Homestead Act, so interesting to see this trail and landscape. Nice shots of the Indian Creek in autumn. RPT

    • I’m glad you liked the post and the pictures. We, too, had never heard of Beatrice/NE before we planned the trip. We had wanted to do at least 10 miles on our bicycles in Nebraska, and had just gone to the Rail Trials website to check which trails were there in southern Nebraska, and Beatrice came up as a good spot.
      We were really lucky with the weather and the wonderful autumn colours.

  3. Such beautiful trails to enjoy cycling, Pit. Great photos!

  4. Super photos and looks like a lovely day.

  5. It’s nice to see some photos from autumn, and remember that this (summer) too, shall pass! I hope you’re not bicycle touring in Texas in August.

    • I agree, it’s nice to remember those autumn days. No, we will not be bicycle-touring in Texas this August. We will do rail trails in NC, SC, GA, TN , and AL. Will be interesting to find out what the temperatures and the humidity will be there in the 2nd half of August. And we’ll be watching the solar eclipse [in SC].

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  7. I could almost feel you taking a deep breath before you started the post, Pit. Mission accomplished! Where to next? 🙂 🙂

    • Where to next? That depends what “next” means after I haven’t posted about that RailTrailsRoadTrip for such a long time.
      The immediate “next” was a fantastic supper at the Black Crow that evening in Beatrice [I’ve just posted about this].
      The next day it was just travelling to Oklahoma City, our first leg back to Fredericksburg. I’ll write about this soon.
      And the “upcoming next” will be another RailTrailsRoadTrip to South Carolina, to watch the solar eclipse. We’re planning to do some more rail trails then. Plus celebrate our anniversary.

  8. Yay! I’ve been waiting to see the end of the trip!

  9. What a beautiful ride (thank you for taking me along!). Also love your watermark. Very professional!

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