Bach at Luckenbach

A few weeks ago, on June 15, the Fredericksburg Community Orchestras presented “Bach at Luckenbach/TX”, an evening of classical and fiddle music in historic Luckenbach, Texas.

Bach in Luckenbach

Vor ein paar Wochen, am 15. Juni, präsentierten die Fredericksburg Community Orchester ihr Programm “Bach in Luckenbach”, einen Abend mit klassischer und Western Musik im historischen Luckenbach/Texas.

Quite apart from the fact that Luckenbach/Texas – made famous by Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson in their song “Luckenbach, Texas” [“Back to the Basics of Love“] – is an iconic place all by itself and always worth visiting, I was really intrigued by that combination: classical music in a archetypical Western setting. The concert was free, but a donation was asked for as it was a fundraiser for these orchestras.

Einmal ganz abgesehen davon, dass Luckenbach/Texas – berühmt gewoden durch Waylon Jennings und Willie Nelson und ihr Lied “Luckenbach Texas” [“Back to the Basics of Love“] – schon ganz für sich alleine eine Kultstätte ist und immer einen Besuch lohnt, so war ich dieses Mal doch ganz neugierig gemacht durch die geplante Kombination: klassische Musik in archetypischem Western-Rahmen. Das Konzert war übrigens frei. Es wurde allerdings um eine Spende gebeten, da es sich um eine Benefizveranstaltung für diese Orchester handelte.

Let’s start with a few pictures of Luckenbach:

Fangen wir einmal an mit ein paar Bildern von Luckenbach:

And now, before I start presenting the pictures and videos of the concert, one important remark: I tried to obtain permission to publish pictures and videos here, especially as there are children in them, and as I also have recorded music that might be copyrighted, but I did not get any response. So I’m proceeding here anyway, but if anyone has any objections, please let me know. If I am asked, I will certainly delete any objectionable picture and/or video.

Aber nun, ehe ich die Bilder und Videos des Konzerts zeige, eine wichtige Bemerkung vorneweg: Ich habe mich bemüht, für die Veröffentlichung hier eine Erlaubnis zu bekommen, insbesondere unter dem Aspekt, dass hier Kinder zu sehen sind, und auch, weil ich Musik aufgenommen habe, die möglicherweise einem Copyright unterliegt, habe aber darauf keine Antwort erhalten. Daher publiziere ich dies hier nun; aber sollte irgendjemand Einwände haben, so bitte ich, mich das wissen zu lassen. Wenn ich darum gebeten werde, so werde ich selbstverständlich jedes Foto und/oder Video, das auf Einwände stößt, entfernen.

The Pictures:

Die Bilder:

And now the videos:

Und nun die Videos:

And Luckenbach wouldn’t be Luckenbach without the bands parforming there all the time to entertain the visitors. This band here was there in the afternoon before the “Bach at Luckenbach” concert starte.

Und Luckenbach wäre nicht Luckenbach ohne die Bands, die dort ganz einfach erscheinen und zur Unterhaltung der Besucher spielen. Diese hier war dort am Nachmittag vor dem Konzert der Fredericksburg Community Orchester:

Luckenbach musicians

Great Music, Guys!

And last but not least: I could not leave without a close-up of this impressive personality:

Und zuguterletzt: ich konnte an diesem eindrucksvollen Charakter nicht vorbeigehen ohne eine Nahaufnahme:


What a Personality

54 responses to “Bach at Luckenbach

  1. Very interesting, Pitt. I did not realize Luckenbach had a population of three. Also the videos did not post (at least on mine)

    • “Luckenbach, Pop. 3” is a sign there.
      Thanks for the info about the videos, John. I have no idea why they won’t work for you. Even if the videos have music, YouTube didn’t block me uploading them. And I made them “public”. Let’s just wait and see if other people also have difficulties. But meanwhile maybe you try to copy and paste this link into your browser. That should take you to the last video. Let’s see if that works.
      Talking of “Luckenbach, Pop. 3”: this place here in the pictures must be “Downtown Luckenbach” as about a mile out, there’s a store at the roadside and there’s a sign “Uptown Luckenbach”. What a metropolis! 😉

  2. Whoops. I take it back. They finally showed up. Thanks.

  3. Pit-
    Keep us posted re future similar performances. We would like to attend one if schedule permits.

    • Nolan,
      I’ll certainly let you know. The “Bach at Lukenbach” is only once a year, though. But there are quite a few music events here that are worth going to. Maybe we’ll talk on the phone. I had wanted to talk to you anyway. I’ll try to call you next week.

  4. A character with a gorgeous instrument. 🙂

  5. No problem viewing the videos, but I know that sometimes (when other people have posted videos) I get a notice that it can’t be shown in my country. I don’t know why that would be. Anyway, I can view these. I thought it was a shame that people talked over the music instead of listening to it. They treated it like background noise. Your photos are GREAT! I love the rooster and the big picture of the guy with the guitar (or whatever that is).

    • Hi Anneli,
      You’re right about the people talking. It’s quite surprising to me as the majority of them were relatives and friends of the performers.
      As to the videos: as they were taken by myself, there should not be any country restriction on them. Btw, as that often happens with me when I want to see video material from Germany, I have aprogramme that lets me do this by routing me through a server in Germany.
      Thansk for the compliment re the photos. Is that instrument perhaps a ukulele? Or is it a mandolin. We might have to google.
      Have a wonderful week,

  6. These young kids were so talented! Luckenbach performance was great!

  7. Wieder ein wunderbarer Beitrag mit vielen neuen Eindrücken.
    LG Jürgen

  8. Herzlichen Dank, Pit, Luckenbach sieht interessant aus. So wie wir uns hier in Old Germany den Wilden Westen vorstellen!
    Viele Grüße aus dem sonnigen Berlin von Susanne

    • Gern geschehen, liebe Susanne! Freut mich, dass dieser Beitrag fuer Euch interessant war. Luckenbach ist wirklich so ziemlich archetypisch werstenmaessig – jedenfalls, was die gebauede angeht. Interessant uebrigens, dass dieser or auch heute noch den Nachkommen von Hondo Crouch “gehoert”. Die besitzen einen ganzen Ort!
      Liebe Gruesse aus einem sehr sonnigen Texas,

      • Ich war gestern in der Mark Brandenburg und konnte nicht umhin, an den Kuhweiden und -gattern vergleich anzustellen. Nur wenige Utensilien machen aus einem Brandenburger Dorf eine Westernstadt.
        lg Susanne

  9. Cool, Bach in Luckenbach, quite amazing gathering.

    Best regards


    • Hi Achim,
      Yes, I agree: quite amazing.
      Have a wonderful week,
      P.S.: I just wanted to let you know that for some reason I can no longer comment on your blog. I don’t know if I end up in your spam folder or in the electronic nirvana altogether.

  10. Das schaut wunderbar bunt aus, danke Pit fürs Mitnehmen-

  11. Hallo lieber Pit, danke für’s Mtnehmen 🙂 Hier regnet es heute endlich, liebe Grüße, Annette

  12. I see that Lücken means ‘gaps’ in German, so I guess Lückenbach would be ‘a brook with gaps in it.’ That seems appropriate for the Texas Hill Country, where brooks often dry up in the heat of the long summer.

    • Hi Steve,
      Even if South Grape Creek looked bone dry when I was in Luckenbach, I don’t think the name has anything to do with “Lücken” [gaps]. There’s a village called Luckenbach in Germany in the region which many of the German settlers, including a Jacob Luckenbach, came from. And that name seems to have existed since some time in the 14th century in the present form. But I have absolutely no idea what “Lucken” could have meant.
      Have a wonderful week,

  13. Sounds like a fun time!

  14. Great shots, and I especially like portrait of the the mandolin player. I was persuaded to trim my (relatively) new mustache, and I’m now feeling very bitter, it will take a long while to match this fine display. I’ve never been to Texas, and this Bach festival is quite a different aspect from my usual image. I wasn’t sure if the rooster was alive or stuffed, and then heard him on one of the videos, a pretty good soloist.

    • Good morning, Robert,
      I’m glad you liked the pictures, and especially that of the mandolin player. It took quite a bit of editing, but I’m really happy with the results.
      As to moustaches: sometimes I get a hint I might remove mine, but so far I have kept it. I’ve had it since 1976 and I would feel naked without it. 😉 But I won’t be able to grow such a wonderful beard ever. I tried once, but it grew way too unevenly, and when someone asked me if there had been moths in my beard, that was the last straw for me to shave it off, leaving first a goatee and then, years later, the moustache only.
      I agree that this Bach festival is not your everyday idea of Texas, even if Luckenbach fits this image.
      And those roosters really are a fixture there. Here’s another picture I took years ago:

  15. It looks like a great event at a very cool location!

  16. The first time I visited Luckenbach was in 1973. It wasn’t yet a tourist destination — or as civilized as it is now. There was good beer and great music, though, and characters galore. It’s got its famous song, sure — but the song that makes me think about Luckenbach is this one. I was lucky enough to hear it for the first time under the trees there — am I getting nostalgic? Oh, yes.

    • Well, Luckenbach IS a place to wax nostalgic about. So you were there first in 1973. Was Hondo alive then still?
      I can imagine it has changed a lot over the years, especially with all the tourists nowadays. Thx for the link.

  17. Cool event. I’d love to go next year.

    • Hi Kathleen, if you go there next year, or if you come to any other event here in Fredericksburg, please let me know. I’d be happy to meet you.

  18. I was graduating from Texas A&M University in May 1977, so Luckenbach, Texas was almost like a graduation song for me and many of my friends, so much so that we took a road trip to Luckenbach at the time. Had a few drinks, too. I can tell you that!

    • Hi Russel,
      I’m happy to see that you’re still following my blog. 🙂 Thanks for the comment. 🙂 I think, in 1977 Luckenbach must have been somewhat different – in a way. But already an iconic place, I assume. I like to go there. Will have to see if some time this year I’ll be up to riding my bicycle there again.
      Have a wonderful day,
      P.S. as to following bogs: you may have noticed [I think the “likes” appear] that I am still following your blog, but for some unknown reason I cannot comment. On your blog I need to log-in to WordPress before I can comment. Whenever I try to log in [fill in email & password] and click on “log in” I immediately get the answer “you need to log in”. Catch 22! That happens when I use MS IE. With Firefox I get only that “turning candy bar” which shows it’s doing something, but that won’t stop at all. Well, I hope that some day soon I will be able to resolve all these problems with the help of one of this so-called “happiness engineers” of WP.

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