Hill Country Antique Tractor & Machinery Show – Part 4 [Miscellanea]

Before I finally come to the end with more (moving) big machinery, I’d like to show some miscellaneous items here – not exactly tractors or vintage machinery, but related anyway:

Hill Country Antike Traktor und Maschinen Schau – Teil 4 [Vermischtes]

Ehe ich zum Abschluss diser Serie noch einmal Großmaschinen – auch in Bewegung – präsentiere, möchte ich hier unter “Vermischtes” einige andere Ausstellungsstücke – nicht unbedingt Traktoren oder alte Maschinerie, aber doch verwandt – zeigen:

Do you think you could sleep in this?

Könnte man hier drin schlafen?


Looks Like a Water Reservoir, Doesn’t It?

Well, actually it is a camper, albeit a small one!

Aber tatsächlich ist es ein Caravan, wenn auch ein kleiner!


What a Neat Idea for a Camper!

The Fire Department has a vintage fire truck, too:

Unsere freiwillige Feuerwehr hat auch ein Ausstellungsstück zu bieten:

fire truck

Vintage Fire Truck

Tractors come in all costumes:

Traktoren kommen in jedweder Verkleidung daher:


Longhorn Tractor

And then there was this one:

Und dann war da noch dieses hier:


Adapted from a Ford

Am I excused when I call it a jalopy? But then, when I looked at it from the other side and saw new-looking spark plugs, I was wondering if it still might be running:

Ist es entschuldbar, wenn ich das als alte Klapperkiste bezeichne? Aber als ich es mir von der anderen Seite angesehen habe und neu-aussehende Zündkerzen entdeckte, habe ich mich gefragt, ob es vielleicht doch noch läuft.


Still Working?

And now a few more details. This car-tractor had an interesting transmission, btw:

Und nun ein paar Details. Dieser Auto-Traktor hatte übrigens eine ganz interessante Kraftübertragung:

And then there was a blacksmith at work: quite an interesting demonstration:

Und dann gab es da noch einen Schmied bei der Arbeit: hochinterssant zuzuschauen:

A last critical look: he can be proud of his work!

Ein letzter kritischer Blick: er kann stolz sein auf sein Werk!


A Proud Master of His Art

And I don’t think you’d have any idea what these items in the end become:

Und ich glaube, niemand würde erraten, was am Ende aus diesen Teilen wird:


Well, That’s the Finished Product! Quite a Surprise, Isn’t It?

And now, finally, let’s see him at his work, really:

Und nun, zuguterletzt, wollen wir ihm noch richtig bei der Arbeit zusehen:


30 responses to “Hill Country Antique Tractor & Machinery Show – Part 4 [Miscellanea]

  1. I’m impressed by what the blacksmith can do and I’d love to go for a ride in the “jalopy.”

    • It was really impressive. I think nobody knew what the final outcome would be. I wouldn’t have guessed until he pointed to his showcase. At first I thought it was going to be a giant screw.
      I think I’d like a ride in that, too. Maybe it would feel like being on a Bronco. 😉

  2. This is great, what fun! This portfolio is a good advertisement for the event – makes me wish I was there. And it’s nice to see a level of technology I can actually comprehend.
    I did wonder why the blacksmith was fooling around with railroad spikes, but the resulting are actually very handsome.
    I suspect a couple of laps in that jalopy would send us running to the car-tractor-chiropractor!

    • Glad you enjoyed it, Robert. As to advertising for this event: I’m going to contact our Tractor & Machinery Club and tell them about my postings and ask them if they want to comment – which I’d very much appreciate. I imagine they could tell us a lot about the tractors and the machinery.
      I was amazed how pliable the red-hot spikes had become and how much they looked like magma.
      Riding around in that jalopy might be a good training for bull or bronco riding at a rodeo! 😉

  3. This is a wonderful, interesting series! Great photos, Pit!
    I really admire the blacksmith demonstrations. Thank you so much for the videos. Did you take the videos with your new camera?

    • Thanks, Amy, for the compliments. 🙂 These demonstrations were really interesting. We have those, too, by a different blacksmith, at Fort Martin Scott here.
      I didn’t take the videos with my new camera, even if it does 4k. I used a “real” (small) JVC video camera, and HD. With the new camera the files get extremely large. If I use 4k, that is. The videos do look fantastic then, though, especially here on our 65′ TV screen. But even with HD and thus smaller files I prefer the “regular” video camera. It’s easier to handle.

  4. I love the vintage fire truck!

  5. Guten Morgen, Pit, mir gefällt besonders das Feuerwehrauto! Ich höre richtig die Sirene aus der Vergangenheit dröhnen.
    Einen schönen Tag von Susanne

    • Hallo Susanne,
      freut mich, dass dieses Auto Dir gefaellt. 🙂 Ich galube, es ist auch der Stolz unserer freiwilligen Feuerwehr hier. Wenn man von den funkelnden neuen Wagen mal absieht.
      Auch Dir einen schoenen Tag und eine gute Woche,

  6. Love the tractor and the knives! Texas is such a cool place. 🤠

  7. What great images, Pit! And that feeder camper/caravan. Loved it.

  8. You know, I want to go to this every year and every year something gets in the way and I don’t get to go. Thank you so much for posting all the pics. This was wonderful.

    • I’m happy you could at least see the show through my eyes. But there’s nothing like going there yourself. Maybe next year.
      Btw, something totally different here: I can’t comment on your blog any more. At least, my comments don’t show up. Maybe I landed in the spam folder?

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