Hill Country Antique Tractor & Machinery Show – Part 2

Today, let’s continue with more pictures and videos from that show, this time some small machinery and, as I don’t really know much about these machines, without (much) explanatory text:

Hill Country Antike Traktor und Maschinen Schau – Teil 2

Heute möchte ich dann einmal weitermachen mit Bildern und Videos von dieser Schau, dieses Mal mit kleineren Maschinen und, da ich gar nicht viel über diese Maschinen weiß, auch ohne (viel) erklärenden Text:

My favourite here is in the third video: that water pump.

Mein Favorit hier ist im dritten Video: die Wasserpumpe.

20 responses to “Hill Country Antique Tractor & Machinery Show – Part 2

  1. I only have seen the show they do at the fair which is nice. Someday I will get to this one. Love the videos.

    • I’ve been to the fair, too, and I liked it. Maybe it’s going to become a habit with me as I was at last year’s tractor show, too.
      Glad you liked the videos.

  2. That last video, of the water pump, made me flash back to a toy steam engine we had when I was a kid, which you could actually use to power equipment. It also had a very shrill whistle, though, which we loved excessively, and the steam engine seemed to disappear one day from our house.

    • I would have liked to have a steam engine as a kid, but they were too expensive at that time. But I know that you could really use them to generate power or drive other machinery. I was fascinated by them.
      Sorry to hear that yours simple disappeared.

  3. While cruising the Mississippi River on a paddle boat near Hannibal, Missouri, I met a couple who were on vacation and their destination was the John Deere plant. I wondered who would choose that as a destination — until I learned they were farmers. Your blog made tractors interesting even to me, however. Thanks.

  4. Machinery like these pieces are fascinating!

  5. Hi Pit, ich verstehe nicht so viel von solchen Maschinen. Doch das scheint eine interessante spannende Ausstellung zu sein. Die Maschinen haben sicher viel “erlebt” und “gesehen”. Liebe Grüße und ein schönes Wochenende, Dagmar

    • Hallo Dagmar,
      sehr viel verstehe ich von diesen Maschinen auch nicht, aber es hat Spass gemacht, sie in Aktion zu sehen. Doe Ausstellung war wirklich sehenswert, ganz besonders auch, mit welchem Enthusiasmus die Besitzer da zur Sache gehen.
      Auch Dir ein schoenes Wochenende,
      P.S.: hier sind heute dsie Indianer los. Wir haben ein Powwow und mehr. Wieder eine Gelegenheit, mit der Kamera unterwegs zu sein.

  6. I don’t have a clue what those machines are doing, but they certainly seem to be running smoothly. I like the red oil can that showed up in the last video. Whatever that gizmo is, it looks like it would be a lot of fun to watch it — rather like one of those fancy Black Forest clocks.

    • I don’t know much about those small machines either. They seemed to be generators, and some had belt drives, too. But like you said, it simply was fun to watch them puttering and spitting and hissing.

  7. It’s amazing that some of this old stuff still runs!

  8. I would so love to go to this!

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