In Memoriam

A picture from our “RailTrailsRoadTrip” in October last year, which I published on my other blog a few days ago, seems to be a fitting one today, on Memorial Day:

stars and stripes

The Stars and Stripes Framed by the Gateway Arch

And let me use my native German here:

In stillem Gedenken.

40 responses to “In Memoriam

  1. It’s the perfect image! And Happy Memorial Day to you and Mary.

  2. What is the English phrase used like the German one you wrote at th end? (Or: Which is?)

  3. Great shot! an amazing structure, I hope to see it some time.

  4. Perfect shot for today. Thanks, Pit.

  5. How about “In silent remembrance”?

  6. A perfect image for today, Pit! Will always remember…

  7. That’s a wonderful choice of an image for the day, Pit. As for the phrase, I’ve been trying to think what our English equivalent would be, and the closest I can come is “a moment of silence, to remember.” It’s often used during memorial ceremonies, when a master of ceremonies or another person invites those gathered to “join in a moment of silence” — either to remember, or to pay tribute.

  8. No need to comment, Pit.

  9. The curve does serve 🍸

  10. I know what it’s like trying to leave comments on each blog – it just is not possible! Sehr interessant .

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