Under a Texas Sky

Today, shortly before noon, a group of Hereford cattle were resting under the oaks on the LBJ Ranch.

LBJ Ranch

Under a Texas Sky

30 responses to “Under a Texas Sky

  1. Hi, Pit. We’d love to hear about your sailing days 🙂 Now you are landlocked?

    • My old sailing-days! Long bygone. 😦 Not that I’m really landlocked here and now. It’s only about an hour to the Highland Lakes and 4 hours to the Gulf Coast, but there’s no way to hire a sailing-boat hereabouts, and I don’t have one of my own – as I used to for a time in Germany.
      Here”s a short run-down on my “saling-history”:
      I started sailing in 1972 with friends, and in the following years taught myself how to. At that time it was sailing in the Netherlands, as they didn’t require you to have a permit – contrary to Germany. Later, I got all the sailing-permits there are in Germany, for the lakes and rivers as well as the high seas, and from then on sailed in German waters, too. And got a sailing-boat myself. But I also charted and skippered bigger boats, of up to 44 feet, on the Baltic and the North Sea. I also did some trips on the western North Atlantic and in the Mediterranean. Unfortunately, later my job took way too much time so that I couldn’t do as much sailing as I would have loved to and so I finally sold my boat and then gave up sailing altogether, especially since here in southern Texas there’s no chance to hire a boat. 😦 So it’s all a very fond dream now.

      • Wow, a marvelous nautical history! We can imagine how much you must miss being on the water. When was the last occasion? Jean & Alex

        • It’s been about 10 years, I believe, that I sailed last. That time a few hours on Corpus Christi Bay – when they still rented boats in Corpus.

  2. Cattle under the mare’s tails! (Those are the icy streaks, cirrus clouds actually, in your TX sky.) We’re gonna guess that your weather has changed! Great shot, Pit. J&A 🙂

    • Hi Jean and Alex,
      That would have been a nice title for the picture. In my old saling-days I would have known that they’re cirrus clouds, but then I didn’t know the term “mares’ tails”.
      As to the weather change: not that muchg actually. We haven’t had a real winter yet. All through January and February it’s been more or less spring-like. But no, especially after some rain, it really looks like spring, with everything budding.
      Thanks for the praise.
      Have a great time,

  3. Wow, a remarkable image of the Texas sky and under the sky, Pit! Glad I clicked to get to see the large version. 🙂

  4. Einen schönen Montag lieber Pit schönes Foto schön eingefangen ich wünsche dir eine gute neue Woche liebe Grüße von mir Gislinde

  5. Hallo Marion,
    immer wenn ich da auf der Ranch bin, erlebe ich eine fast magische Atmosphäre. Schön, dass Dir der Titel auch gefällt.
    Hab’ eine feine Woche,

  6. Hallo Pit,
    schöne Stimmung, die du da eingefangen hast. Der Titel gefällt mir auch sehr 🙂

  7. Bei uns sind gerade große Rinderherden aus dem Winterqaurtier wieder auf die Weiden gelassen worden.

    • Hallo Uta,
      hier bleiben die Rinder den ganzen Winter [was man so Winter nennt hier im südlichen Texas] draußen.
      Liebe Grüße,

  8. Truly wonderful composition, I really feel drawn by your image.

    • Thanks, Charlie! 🙂 Every time I visit the Ranch I feel drawn by the atmosphere: Hill Country at its best.
      Have a great Sunday,

  9. I love how you composed the shot…with the extra sky!

    • Thanks for the praise, Sherry. At some time I need to go back to the Ranch with a really wide-angle lens. That makes the clouds eve more spectacular. It’s a pity that the Ranch is only open between 9am and 4:30pm so that you can neither get the sunrise nor the sunset [the latter except for when they have the “Movies under the Stars“].
      Have a great time on your trip, and thanks for the amazing pictures you posted,

      • I know what you mean about the wide-angle…I wish I could take it with me for my travels, but I have my laptop also and everything else! I got back from my trip Friday evening…but will be posting for the next couple of weeks about the remainder of the trip. Thanks for the nice compliment!

        • Quite frequently, when I take my “big” Nikon with me, I have the wide-angle lens strapped to the camera bag. And on photo shoots I don’t take my laptop with me. So changing lendes usually isn’t (much of) a problem.
          This time, at the Ranch, I did have my video camra with me, though. Will post the movies soon.

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