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Videos of the Deluge

Without more explanations, as they’re kind of self-explanatory, here are the videos I took of all the water: Videos vom Wolkenbruch Ohne mehr Erklärungen, weil sie ja mehr oder weniger selbsterklärend sind, hier nun die Videos, die ich vom/beim Wolkenbruch … Continue reading


More Pictures of the Deluge

This gallery contains 15 photos.

Here I’m back with a few more words and quite a few pictures about today’s deluge. The forecast had predicted heavy thunderstorms for today, but that had been the case frequently lately without much more than a beneficial rainfall [I … Continue reading



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For about a good two hours, around noon today, we had quite a downpour, and within just ten to fifteen minutes “our” creek rose to a level I have not yet seen: Sintflut Für etwa gut zwei Stunden, um die … Continue reading


Bambi & Mama in the Garden

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This evening we had a fawn and its mama in the garden. Well, actually it was our neighbour’s garden, but very close to ours anyway. Here’s some pictures and a movie. The quality of both is not too good as … Continue reading


Beneficial Rain

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Last night we had, as we have had quite a few times during the last few days (and nights), some really beneficial rain. Our raingauge showed 1.4 inches, and that’s still well in the “beneficial” range. We were really lucky, … Continue reading


Una Bella Machina

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Today I took my “Italian beauty”, i.e. my vintage Gianni Motta road bicycle, out for her first  ride. This here is what she looks like now: Una Bella Machina Heute habe ich meine “italienische Schönheit”, d.h. mein klassisches Gianni Motta … Continue reading


New Trees

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After we had lost so many of our mature oaks to oak wilt [more about that in a later posting]  … … last year [17 had to be cut down last year because they were either dead or beyond salvage], … Continue reading


Another Task in the Garden Accomplished

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As we have deer wandering through our garden on an almost daily basis and since they like to browse from nearly everthing that is green, we need to protect our (newly planted) trees – some of them at least – … Continue reading


Hopefully, the fawn we had in the garden yesterday has been re-united with his mother; as of this morning it was no longer here. Neues vom Rehkitz Wir hoffen, dass das Rehkitz, das wir gestern im Garten hatten, wieder zu … Continue reading


Fawn in the Garden

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When I was mowing the lawn this afternoon, I happened to see a very little fawn. It was  resting in the mulch of one of our newly planted trees, and with its colour so well camouflaged that I only noticed … Continue reading