New Garage – Day 10

On that day I took just one photo only as it was raining quite a bit after the framers had left. They had finished framing the first floor and had started putting the plywood on the walls:

Neue Garage – Tag 10

Am 10. Bautag habe ich nur gerade mal ein Foto gemacht, weil es geregnet hat, nachdem die Rahmenbauer [oder sollte ich sie Zimmerleute nennen], aufgehört hatten zu arbeiten. Sie hatten den Rahmen für das Erdgeschoss fertig und angefangen, die Wände außen mit Pressspanplatten zu verkleiden:


FFFF = First Floor Frame Finished

6 responses to “New Garage – Day 10

  1. That rain sure looks nice!

  2. What is this “raining”? Is it good?

    • Well, I’m not too sure if I still know what “raining” actually is, what with te weather here in southern Texas. 😉 I seem to faintly remember that it means drops of water are falling from the sky. But sometimes we do get that most wonderful thing [cf. & Keep your fingers crossed that we’ll get more. We need it desperately.
      Have a great Sunday afternoon,and thanks for visiting my blog,

      • We’re in the midst of a pretty bad 3-year drought here. Folsom Lake up near Sacramento is empty, and our reservoirs here in San Diego are only at about 10% capacity. I dislike rain intensely, but I dislike a dirty car and a dirty body even more…………LOL

        • It’s not much better in southern Texas. I belive our drought has lasted about five years by now. Fredericksburg has had about half the average rainfall it should have up to now. Less than 10″, as far as I know. Luckily, we did have some rain earlier this year, so the Highland Lakes are not that dry. But then, for Lake Buchanan 35% of the full capacity isn’t too much, isn’t it?

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