New Garage – Day 9

Once the framers had started in earnest, everything went quite fast, and at the end of the second day of their work it already looked like a room:

Neue Garage – Tag 9

Nachdem die Rahmenbauer einmal ernsthaft angefangen hatten, ging Alles dann letztendlich doch ganz schön schnell, und am Ende ihres zweiten Arbeitstages hatte man schon fast den Eindruck eines Raumes:

Move the cursor over a picture and see the caption. A click on any of the pictures in the gallery will open it as a slide show. Those views will also allow you to read a more detailed description as well as some of the exif-data and also allow you to see the picture in its full resolution.

Um die Bildunterschrift zu sehen genügt es, den Cursor über ein Bild zu bewegen. Ein Klick auf eines der Bilder in der Galerie öffnet diese dann als Diashow. Diese Ansichten erlauben es nicht nur, eine weitaus detailliertere Beschreibung des Bildinhalts zu lesen sowie ein paar Exif-Daten zum Bild einzusehen, sondern auch das jeweilige Bild in voller Auflösung anzusehen.

10 responses to “New Garage – Day 9

  1. englandliebhaber

    looks like a big garage.

    • It certainly looks big. Bigger than I had imagined from the drawings. But actually it is not that big, at least not as big as the one [] we built in Karnes City a few years ago. Here, the new garage is 23×36 feet. Of that, the garage proper is 24×24 [that’s not too much considering that we’ll have to park at least one car, a trailer and our lawn tractor there], and in addition to that it has a workshop of 12×24 [I need storage for my bicycles and a place to work]. And then, in the back, there will be a porch overlooking our (wet weather) creek.

  2. Coming along, Pit! We may get rain this weekend. 🙂

    • Hi Amy,
      Since as of today the roof is now covered, with some aluminum-coated foil, rain is not an issue any more. So let’s hope for some.
      Have a good one,

  3. Na, da waren sie dann ja doch ziemlich fleißig.
    LG Gabi

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