Breckenridge Breakfasts

During our recent stay in Breckenridge/CO we were not always inclined to do our own breakfast in our condo but frequently went out to have breakfast. There are lots of places that serve breakfast, of course. Our favourites were La Francaise” and “Daylight Donuts“. Both places were excellent. Here’s some pictures, La Francaise first:

Frühstück in Breckenridge

Während unseres kürzlichen Aufenthalts in Breckenridge in den Rocky Mountains von Colorado hatten wir nicht immer Lust, unser Frühstück selber in unserem Apartment zuzubereiten, sondern wir sind des öfteren schon zum Frühstück aus essen gegangen, wie das hier in den USA übrigens sehr Viele tun. Es gibt in Breckenridge jede Menge (kleiner) Frühstücksrestaurants. Unsere Favoriten waren “La Francaise” und “Daylight Donuts“. Beide waren ganz excellent. Hier nun ein paar Bilder, zuerst “La Francaise“:

The “La Francaise” gets mixed reviews online, but we were really happy with it, with the service, the food an the ambience and can only recommend it.

La Francaise hat gemischte Rezensionen, aber wir waren wirklich zufrieden da, mit der Bedienung, dem Essen und dem Ambiente und können es nur empfehlen.

At the Daylight Donuts Mary had a pancake and I had one if their “entrees”.

Bei “Daylight Donuts” hatte Mary einen Pfannkuchen und ich eines der Menues.

breckenridge breakfasts

More Yummy Breakfast

The “Daylight Donuts” is a well frequented place for breakfast and quite busy. You should either come late – after 10 am, that is – or be prepared for some wait. But I assure you, it’s worth the wait! The pancakes are fluffy and really big. We call that “Texas size”.  😉  In fact, Mary wasn’t able to finish hers. And my plate wasn’t bad at all either: two eggs over easy, bacon, toast and hash browns plus an additional side order of sausages.

Daylight Donuts” ist ein gut besuchtes kleines Frühstücksrestaurant. Man sollte deswegenbentweder spät, d.h. nach 10 Uhr vormittags, kommen, oder eine Wartezeit in Kauf nehmen. Aber ich kann nur versichern: es ist das Warten wert. Die Pfannkuchen sind locker und wirklich groß. Wir nennen es “Texas Format”!  😉  Mary  konnte ihren Pfannkuchen nicht aufessen, so groß war er. Und mein Teller war auch nicht gerade schlecht: zwei Spiegeleier [“over easy“], Speck, Toast und “Hash Browns“, plus zusätzlich Würstchen.

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14 responses to “Breckenridge Breakfasts

  1. Looks very yummy!!!

    Pam (and Sam)

  2. Lecker, wo ich so einen Hunger habe 🙂

  3. I love going out for breakfasts while traveling and vacationing! Your “entree” at the Daily Donuts looks fabulous to this American expat missing a huge morning meal of this type. 🙂

    Now I’m really hungry …..

    • So I made you hungry??!! 😉 I must admit, while travelling I do like to eat out. Makes it more vacation-like, not cooking yourself.
      Have a good one,

  4. It makes me hungry 🙂 The pastry looks delicious. Must be nice and cool there 🙂

    • Hi Amy,
      I enjoyed all my breakfasts there, pastry or “regular”. Andyes, it was nice and cool there. Though rainy, too, on most of the days. But we enjoyed it.
      Have a great holiday,

  5. Hi Pit. I used to live in Breckenridge years ago. I have been back and amazed at the changes in town. A beautiful area still. They did some smart planning as they grew – fortunately

    • Hi Dohn,
      Thanks for taking your time to stop by visiting my blog and for leaving a comment.
      We enjoyed Breckenridge and the area a lot – but not the altitude. 😉 For us flatlanders that took a lot of getting used to and just one wekk proved not to be enough. I agree that Breckenridge did a very good job in their development of the town: ever so neat and tidy. I need to post more about our stay there soon.
      Have a good one,

  6. Ab 10 h? Kein Problem für mich. 🙂
    Sieht alles sehr gut und verführerisch aus.
    Was heißt “over easy”? Auf beiden Seiten gebraten?
    LG Gabi

  7. Hallo Gabi,
    hast Recht: “over easy” ist von beiden Seiten gebraten. Mag ich lieber, weil ich dann fast immer sicher sein kann, dass das Eiweiß fest ist.
    Liebe Grüße aus dem Land der immensen Frühstücke,

  8. Thanks for the “follow” and by so doing introducing me to yours. Had to laugh at the “Texas size breakfast” — I think I’m more like your wife…would have trouble eating all that after a hard day’s work, let alone breakfast!

    • Re the “follow”: you’re welcome. And thank you for following my blog. As to the breakfasts: I usually don’t have those “Texas size” breakfasts either.

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