Meet Fritz …

… aka Fritztown Fritz, as I sometimes call him, even if he wandered by our place in Karnes City and not here in Fredericksburg. Here he is, in his favourite spot on the doorsteps of the walk-in door to our garage:

Darf ich vorstellen: Fritz

Manchmal nenne ich ihn auch Fritztown Fritz, obwohl er schon in Karnes City zu uns gekommen ist und nicht erst hier in Fredericksburg. Hier ist er, an seinem Lieblingsplatz, auf den Eingangsstufen der Seitentür zu unserer Garage:



Well, as said above, he came to us in Karnes City a few months ago as a stray. Together, btw, with another stray that looked pretty much like his twin brother: same size, same colour. But whereas Fritz was absolutely friendly from the very first day on, coming close, meowing, purring and rubbing himself against our legs, we were never able to get close to that other stray. That one seemed to be content with staying around for food, but that was all. As soon as we came to within 10 to 15 feet, he ran away. Well, naturally we took in Fritz, and, after a short while and when we were sure he wanted to stay with us, we took him to our vet in Karnes City, Dr. Patton, and had him fixed. And he also got all his necessary shots. And after that, he, plus Mr. Pickwick, were the first two of our four cats we took with us to here. Both get along quite well by now, and during the nights are staying in our garage. At daytime we usually have the garage doors open so they can enjoy the garden … if they wish to. Fritz seems to be quite content to mostly lie in that spot shown here, the doorsteps to our garage.

Wie oben schon gesagt, kam Fritz noch in Karnes City zu uns, vor ein paar Monaten, als Streuner. Zusammen übrigens, mit einem anderen Kater, der echt sein Zwillingsbruder haette sein können: dieselbe Größe, dieselbe Farbgebung. Aber während Fritz vom ersten Augenblick an absolut zutraulich war und miauend und schnurrend nahe kam und sich an unseren Beinen rieb, konnten wir nie nahe an den anderen Streuner herankommen. So bei 3 bis 4 Metern war Schluss: dann rannte er weg. Aber nie weit. Er blieb stets in der Nähe und hoffte auf Futter. Natürlich haben wir Fritz bei uns aufgenommen und nachdem wir wirklich sicher waren, dass er bleiben würde, haben wir ihn zu unserem Tierarzt in Karnes City, Dr. Patton gebracht. Da wurde er kastriert und bekam alle notwendigen Impfungen. Und danach waren er und Mr. Pickwick die beiden ersten unserer insgesamt vier Katzen, die wir mit nach Fredericksburg genommen haben. Sie haben sich hier gut eingelebt und vertragen sich auch prima. Des nachts bleiben sie in unserer Garage, und tagsüber lassen wir die Seitentüre offen, so dass sie den Garten genießen koennen – so sie denn wollen. Fritz ist da etwas zurückhaltender als Mr. Pickwick und bleibt meist, so wie im Bild oben, auf den Eingangsstufen der Garage.

Now a few more pictures of both our Fredericksburg kitties, in a gallery:

Nun noch ein paar weitere Bilder unserer beiden Fredericksburger Katzen, in einer Galerie:

Move the cursor over a picture and see the caption. A click on any of the pictures in the gallery will open it as a slide show. Those views will also allow you to read a more detailed description as well as some of the exif-data and also allow you to see the picture in its full resolution.

Um die Bildunterschrift zu sehen genügt es, den Cursor über ein Bild zu bewegen. Ein Klick auf eines der Bilder in der Galerie öffnet diese dann als Diashow. Diese Ansichten erlauben es nicht nur, eine weitaus detailliertere Beschreibung des Bildinhalts zu lesen sowie ein paar Exif-Daten zum Bild einzusehen, sondern auch das jeweilige Bild in voller Auflösung anzusehen.

For more about Mr. Pickwick check out my previous blog, “A German Expat’s Life in Texas” here: “Mr. Pickwick“.

Weiteres ueber Mr. Pickwick findet sich in meinem frueheren Blog, “Pit’s Musings and Ramblings from a Big Country“. unter “Mr. Pickwick“.

16 responses to “Meet Fritz …

  1. anglogermantranslations

    His true identity is Garfield, of course.

    • LOL
      But he’s not as lazy as Garfield, and not such a glutton either.
      Have agreat weekend,
      P.S.: colourwise our Frankie, whom we’ll bring here soon, looks more like Garfield.

  2. IFritz and Mr. Pickwick are a lovely duo, looking the part! They are so lucky to have found a loving home!

    • Yes, they are adorable … most of the time, that is. 😉 And soon Frankie and Sister Fidelma will be here, too.
      Have a great weekend,

  3. You have big heart sir…wonderful you took them in. They are adorable.

    • Thanks for the compliment. 🙂 Not that I dislike cats, and I can’t send away a stray cat either, but it’s my wife even more than me who can’t leave a kitty fend for itself. Oh, she even took that “stray male from Germany” in … and married me. 😉
      Have a great weekend,

  4. That’s a lot of cats! But I guess one cat just led to another 🙂

    • Well, actually 4 is the fewest we’ve had so far. Some time ago there were 10. But with living in the country and quite close to a highway, we lost some. 😦 But then, there were always new strays. Thus an ever changing cat population. I believe, though, that it’ll be different here in Fredericksburgm within the city limits, and with not so many strays about. And, of course, with much less traffic as we live on a small road leading out into the Hill Country.
      Have a great weekend,

  5. Fritz and Mr. Pickwick look like a very happy and content dynamic duo!

    Hugs, Sammy

    • Hi Sammy,
      They really look content, don’t they? As to “dynamic duo”: most of the time they are a sleepy duo! 😉 They do get along with each other fine. We’ll have to see yet how things work out when we bring our two remaining kitties over to here from Karnes City.
      Have a great weekend,

  6. He looks so content … in fact, they all look content! That’s saying a lot for several cats together; the two we had while my girls were growing up just tolerated each other, and our male (Presto the Pest-o) chased the female (Sweet Nala) off our laps when he thought it was his turn.

    • Hi Cindi,
      basically, our cats get along well with each other. But we’ll yet have to see how the two that are in Karnes City still will adjust once we bring them over. We only brought two first, to give them time to adjust.
      Btw, I like the name of your male cat!
      Have a great weekend,

  7. Finde ich wieder ganz toll von Euch, dass Ihr Fritz aufgenommen habt. Und wie man sieht fühlen sich beide “sauwohl” bei Euch. 🙂
    LG Gabi

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